Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've got COVER ART!!!

So here's my series, in all its magnificient glory. LOL... yeah, I'm sorta in love with these covers, seriously. Anyway, these are for my Genesis Trilogy, I'm halfway through Forbidden now and in the next few days I'll be starting to post lots of teasers and excerpts from this book, because I'm sorta in love with my couple.

What do ya'll think???

If that doesn't scream sexy YA, I'm not sure what does. :D Gotta give a massive shout out to Croco for her awesome work! I seriously think my cover artists rock people, just sayin'. ;)

And now here's a quick teaser from my favorite sentence yesterday:

Cain drew up straight and when he did he was so close Flint felt the heat of his body wash against her own. She sucked in a sharp breath and then nearly swooned when his hands rested casually against her hips. He was staring at her intensely and she couldn’t have looked away even if her life depended on it.
Happy reading!


lauren Johnson said...

Great cover art! I love the pictures!!!!


Marie Hall said...

Thanks, Lauren. Me too. These pics are gorgeous! I had such a tough time choosing which poses, since all the ones they did were just sooo good. :D

States of Decay said...

That's awesome that you already have all the covers set for the Genesis Trilogy! They look wonderful. I love the mini teaser :)

Marie Hall said...

I'm super excited for this one. And thanks! :)

Joy A Marino said...

These covers are HOT! WHo does your covers again??? Smokin.... lol

Marie Hall said...

Thanks, Joy. :) Croko does it. And her work is fantastic. In fact she does many of the covers for Carina Press and I think they have some pretty amazing ones over there. I've been very pleased with her.