Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on BOOKS!

Hey ya'll! :) So I'm constantly asked when is this book or that book coming out. Every once in a while I figured it might be nice to just give you patient readers updates on certain projects. In order of upcoming releases…

The Huntsman's Prey is with editor lady, release date Feb. 13!

All Hallow's Night is done, and in revision stage right now. Release month will be March! I'll determine date by when editor gets notes back to me and I'll send out a newsletter blast for more specifics within the next few weeks.

Rumpel's Prize (Book 8 of Kingdom) I'll be starting work on this project either this week or next, depending on when I can complete AHN edits. That project is set to drop in April. Again, I'll give specific dates later.

Jaime and Tor (Book 3 Moments Series) Still no name, sigh… hopefully something will come to me soon. :p I'm about 25% done with that project and am aiming to publish in May.

Howler's Moon (Book 3 of Night Series) Plot work is done and it's looking like a July release.

So this is currently where I stand for all projects right now. Of course things can change depending on real life, but 2 of the 5 projects are completely written so I am actually ahead of schedule. Which is RARE for me. :p

I'll also be doing a cover reveal for Huntsman very, very soon, so stay tuned to my blog, or if you've signed up for my newsletter you'll see it there. And if you haven't signed up already, you really should. ;) Lots of fun stuff happens in that newsletter!

Happy reading,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All Hallows Night UPDATE

The long awaited sequel is almost here!!! By the end of the day I should have the first rough draft of the book DONE!!

Woot, and what a doozy this one is. Pandora is in the middle of an enormous conspiracy theory that only gets deeper and deeper. There are some major surprises in store for you guys too! I CANNOT wait for you all to read this one.

Just wanted to give you the update. I'll be sending the book, along with The Huntsman's Prey to my editor NEXT WEEK! ;)

So hopefully that'll make some of you smile. :D More news to come soon.

Happy reading,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A post in which I both ramble and give big hints

Hello readers,

how are you this fine morn? Afternoon? Eve?


So I've been working on a project. One that I get almost daily emails about. One that people tell me (and I quote) "I'm gonna die if I don't find out what happens next!"

And the novel is going goooood.

It's about a girl and a guy, and another guy, and this thing, in this place. And one of the guys is all like "mmhmm, I love ya baby" and the other guy is like "grrr..I both hate and love you" And then there's this conspiracy and lots of stuff gets discovered and the girl figures out something epically big and…

Well, I can't give everything away, now can I? *VBG*

I guess you'll just have to wait to read it. But since I treasure my readers (and I honestly do) here's a little hint for ya:

This is an allegorical work, read between the lines.


Hmmm. whatever could that mean?

Happy reading!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Round 1 edits got finished last night at 7:03! I'm exhausted and need to let the book sit now for about a week so that I can do round 2 with fresh eyes.

One step closer guys! This week I've got other edits to get along with continuing to work on All Hallows Night.

Home stretch now!!!

Happy reading,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jaime and Tor: Sneak Peak

I've got a couple books that you readers are just clamoring for, so to prove to you all that I really am working on them, I've decided to share a few sneak peeks tonight, I've already shared Pandora's sequel, right down below, make sure to read that one too!

Jaime and Tor…and jeez, I really have to figure out a title for that book. Seriously!


Everybody thinks I’m just a doormat. They think I don’t know what Angel’s doing, or that I’m just blind to his ways. People couldn’t be more wrong. And as much as I love Zoe, she doesn’t have a clue why I stay with him. No one does. Because it’s my secret to keep.

But it’s getting harder to pretend that I don’t see, to pretend that I’m okay when I’m definitely not okay. I shouldn’t have gone to the club, shouldn’t have walked into Tor’s arms and I shouldn’t have let him hold me. But I was weak and I was drunk and when I stared into his blue eyes the only thing that kept going through my head was… I need to feel alive again.

:D I am as good as my word, ladies and gents. The books, they are a'comin'!

Happy reading,

All Hallows Night: Sneak Peek

So I'm constantly being asked…

Askerer (? is that really a word you ask, well yes, yes it is, I say)… anyway, like I was saying before being so rudely interrupted… *humph*


Marie: What? Really? Dying? Oh no… I swear I'm working on it

Askerer: No, you're not, you're just teasing us, promising things and never delivering

Marie: Oh Nos! Do you really believe that? Would I do that to you? *blinks innocently*

Askerer: Ummm… yeah. If you're really working on that book, prove it!

Marie: Your wish is my command *smiles sweetly*

ALL HALLOWS NIGHT (an excerpt)

“You’ve changed,” Luc murmured. His back was toward me as he sat on the edge of my bed. His nude ass flexed and gleamed with a sheen of sweat as he shifted around. 
      I sat up and clutched the sheet to my chest. I looked at my hands and I didn’t see long fingers, or red painted nails. I saw the hands that had ended the life of a friend. Probably my only friend.

I shuddered, balling them up and turning my face to the side, because if I let myself think too long on it, I’d drown in the memory.

Marie: Seeeee, I told you!!! 

All Hallows Night is coming soon, I PROMISE! :D Unless of course the sky falls or the world ends, or the zombie apocalypse happens or sumthin' like that.

Happy reading!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Valentine's Day

Ohhh… is that a clue I just dropped? What could that possibly mean? I simply do not know…hmmm…

*Marie cackles wickedly off into the Hawaiian sunset*

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Huntsman's Prey: Sneak Peek 3

I am relieved to say that the book will be done TODAY!! I've got just a few more words left to write before I can type the two words all writers love to see: THE END

So, because I'm totally pumped up I'm gonna share another sneak peek:

All eyes turned to the woman coming down the long stairway. Unlike the other women inside, there was not much about her that looked normal, apart from her hair which was a rich, almost nutty brown color and her eyes that were a jewel green. But that was where the similarities ended.
Sprouting from her head were two curled antennae. And she had a face that could never be called beautiful in any possible form. It wasn’t even plain. In fact, she had the most hideous face he’d ever seen. It reminded him of mashed dough, with two slits where nostrils should be, and the barest trace of lips.
       He blinked, realizing it wasn’t the dim lighting that made her skin appear pastel green, because the 

nearer she drew, the more obvious it became. Her arms were stubby and short, and the vivid purple and 

blue dress she wore dragged on and on behind her. But not like a train, or even a voluminous mass of 

fabric. It glided along with a sensuousness of motion that brought to mind the crawl of a caterpillar

Hmmm I wonder who that could be. ;)

Also, make sure to continue checking back as I'll be doing a cover reveal for this really soon and I hope you love the cover as much as I do. *g*

Happy reading,

Friday, January 3, 2014

Quick update: Huntsman's Prey

Yeah… so I'm sooooo close to completion it's not even funny. I have one more chapter to write and then it's duh duh duh….DONE! :D

Are you guys proud of me or what??? Now, the thing is a mess and is gonna require much editing and love to make it readable, but I've just accomplished the toughest part and that's writing the whole thing down. Right now it's sitting close to 60k words, and should hopefully get to 60k by the time edits are done, which means it'll be the longest Kingdom book yet. Even longer than Hook that was only 50k. :)

I'm hoping to wrap it all up tomorrow! Man, finally, after all these months you guys are one step closer to reading about the Huntsman and just WAIT till you see the cover for this thing, it's a thing of beauty!!

I love this book and I really hope you guys do too. :D

Happy reading,