Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Huntsman's Prey: Sneak Peek 3

I am relieved to say that the book will be done TODAY!! I've got just a few more words left to write before I can type the two words all writers love to see: THE END

So, because I'm totally pumped up I'm gonna share another sneak peek:

All eyes turned to the woman coming down the long stairway. Unlike the other women inside, there was not much about her that looked normal, apart from her hair which was a rich, almost nutty brown color and her eyes that were a jewel green. But that was where the similarities ended.
Sprouting from her head were two curled antennae. And she had a face that could never be called beautiful in any possible form. It wasn’t even plain. In fact, she had the most hideous face he’d ever seen. It reminded him of mashed dough, with two slits where nostrils should be, and the barest trace of lips.
       He blinked, realizing it wasn’t the dim lighting that made her skin appear pastel green, because the 

nearer she drew, the more obvious it became. Her arms were stubby and short, and the vivid purple and 

blue dress she wore dragged on and on behind her. But not like a train, or even a voluminous mass of 

fabric. It glided along with a sensuousness of motion that brought to mind the crawl of a caterpillar

Hmmm I wonder who that could be. ;)

Also, make sure to continue checking back as I'll be doing a cover reveal for this really soon and I hope you love the cover as much as I do. *g*

Happy reading,


Rikki Wilkinson said...

How long till the wait is over!!!!!! :D

Marie Hall said...

Not long, I promise! ;)