Friday, January 3, 2014

Quick update: Huntsman's Prey

Yeah… so I'm sooooo close to completion it's not even funny. I have one more chapter to write and then it's duh duh duh….DONE! :D

Are you guys proud of me or what??? Now, the thing is a mess and is gonna require much editing and love to make it readable, but I've just accomplished the toughest part and that's writing the whole thing down. Right now it's sitting close to 60k words, and should hopefully get to 60k by the time edits are done, which means it'll be the longest Kingdom book yet. Even longer than Hook that was only 50k. :)

I'm hoping to wrap it all up tomorrow! Man, finally, after all these months you guys are one step closer to reading about the Huntsman and just WAIT till you see the cover for this thing, it's a thing of beauty!!

I love this book and I really hope you guys do too. :D

Happy reading,

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Dragonskull2523 said...

I can't wait. :D <---big cheesy grin.