Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on BOOKS!

Hey ya'll! :) So I'm constantly asked when is this book or that book coming out. Every once in a while I figured it might be nice to just give you patient readers updates on certain projects. In order of upcoming releases…

The Huntsman's Prey is with editor lady, release date Feb. 13!

All Hallow's Night is done, and in revision stage right now. Release month will be March! I'll determine date by when editor gets notes back to me and I'll send out a newsletter blast for more specifics within the next few weeks.

Rumpel's Prize (Book 8 of Kingdom) I'll be starting work on this project either this week or next, depending on when I can complete AHN edits. That project is set to drop in April. Again, I'll give specific dates later.

Jaime and Tor (Book 3 Moments Series) Still no name, sigh… hopefully something will come to me soon. :p I'm about 25% done with that project and am aiming to publish in May.

Howler's Moon (Book 3 of Night Series) Plot work is done and it's looking like a July release.

So this is currently where I stand for all projects right now. Of course things can change depending on real life, but 2 of the 5 projects are completely written so I am actually ahead of schedule. Which is RARE for me. :p

I'll also be doing a cover reveal for Huntsman very, very soon, so stay tuned to my blog, or if you've signed up for my newsletter you'll see it there. And if you haven't signed up already, you really should. ;) Lots of fun stuff happens in that newsletter!

Happy reading,

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