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Thursday, April 17, 2014's done

This Time (Tor and Jamie's story, book #3 of the Moment's Series) is officially off to the beta readers and I'm nervous! :p My contemporary books are soooo different than my fantasy books which are much more kick butt and nonstop action. Whoever said writing character driven books was hard deserves a Nobel Prize for that because it is oh so true.

Writing character driven anything means you can totally lose the reader in two point two seconds if done poorly. Plots can grow stale and boring, the reader begins to not care about the character and so therefore doesn't care about the characters story ARC. I find writing character driven books to be incredibly challenging, but if I nail it, like I feel I did with my first two Moments book, then I also feel incredibly validated.

In other news... I'm constantly being asked what's next for Marie Hall? Well here is what's coming up for the next few months.

May will see the release of Beyond Desire, a boxed set that includes A Moment, book #1 of my Moments Series. I'm mostly doing that because at the end of the month I'll be releasing the 3rd and final book in the Moments Universe. That's not to say that I won't be writing more contemporary because I fully expect that I will. But it will be different people. Lately I've been contemplating writing more action paced contemporary since that's what I'm most comfortable writing. But I'll give you updates on future contemporaries as I near writing them. For now let's just say there will be more. Also for those of you who've wondered whether I plan to release Rumpel's Prize on it's own, yes I will on May. 1.

June will see the release of Death's Redemption, this is Frenzy's story. For any of you who've read Death's Lover about Cian and Eve, this is the long awaited sequel to that book.

July will see the release of Hood's Obsession, Book #9 of the Kingdom Series and will feature Giles (who if you've read Rumpel's Prize you'll remember was Rumpel's manservant) and Lilith Wolf who is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

August will see the release of Howler's Night, Night Series Book #3 and quite possibly the end of that series. I say possibly because it all depends on where the story feels like it should end. I'm not going to force an ending to a series just to quickly wrap it up. If I don't think I can fit the entire plot into book 3, then there will most definitely be a book 4, but again I won't know that until I get further into the story.

For right now, these are definitive publications. From Sept to Dec I'll be reassessing which series to work on next. I can tell you that one way or another (barring any real life hiccups) I plan to wrap up the Night Series this year and possibly even the Dark Princess Kingdom Spinoff. But not to worry you Kingdom fans, I'm not quitting Kingdom. I will probably do another spinoff in Kingdom like I did when I moved from the Bad Boys to the Dark Princesses. I'm looking to the wicked witches this time, so it should be a lot of fun! ;)

So you're looking at all this and probably realizing that with the exception of Kingdom I'm closing out my other worlds, yes, it's true I am. But only because there are so many more books to write and so many more characters to introduce you guys to. Like a certain assassin and empath whose book I have begun working on with a collab partner of mine that many of you know if you've bought our after dark boxed sets. ;)

I'll reveal who my writing twin will be down the road, but I think you guys are going to love this new sexy and high-tech world of spies/assassins/and gen-modified empaths. Think Alias meets X-Men and yeah...I'm so excited to start devoting myself to those characters.

I hope I've answered all questions and if you have anymore feel free to drop me a line, I'll answer as soon as I see it!

~Happy reading,

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Who wants to be a part of my next Kingdom Book??? Immortalized on the pages of Hood's Obsession??? I'm going to be creating a few characters that I need names for. Specifically three names.

So if you want to see your name in my book, then here's all you need to do... share this contest on your FB or twitter, and answer this question...

Who is your favorite character in Once Upon a Time and why?

I'll pick the winners one week from now :D

Happy reading!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Answers about Huntsman's Prey

So lately I've been asked by a few readers why I choose to do what I did with Huntsman's Prey. Most of you love it, some of you don't. I understand it, totally. And since I've now answered this question a few times, I thought you know... maybe I ought to just put a tiny little explanation on my site about what led me to do what I did.

IF you've not read Huntsman turn away now. ;)


So I crafted a story of a man who falls in love with one woman, but a woman who has a dissociative disorder. My reason for doing it was really quite simple.

1. She's the Hatter's daughter, so to me it only made sense to create a character who battled with madness in some form.

2. I love to write romances that aren't always the most typical H/h combination. There are plenty of people in the real world who battle with the condition and whom I admire greatly. I feel very strongly that no matter who you are in life, and what you grapple with, we all have one overwhelming and powerful need. We all just want to find love and be loved. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In my head it wasn't Chrysa's fault that she was born as she was and so I wasn't going to punish her for it. She had every right to find her happily ever after as the next person did. And so I crafted a tale that's slightly outside the norm, but again, it's Wonderland. No one that exists there is really all there to begin with anyway. LOL

And that's really all there is. Understand that though Aeric fell in love with two different personalities, they both belonged to one woman, there was just more of her to love. He wasn't cheating by doing so, Chrysa understood that and I hope now that you do too. And if not, well... again, I completely understand.

So happy reading!