Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer GIVEAWAY #1

So here's the rules folks!

One entry, down here. All you have to do is answer this riddle...

In Crimson Night Pandora mentions the ride that Vyxyn runs... what is it?

You'll have all day to enter. I'll pick my winner tonight before I go to bed.

Prizes for round one will be a signed copy of Crimson Night and a necklace with The Huntsman's Dagger charm!

Happy reading!


13 days of Summer giveaway!!

Just a heads up! Beginning of the 1st of July through the 13th I will be running a HUGE giveaway. This is my 2 year anniversary of writing and in honor of that I decided to commission some fairy tale jewelry, that along with an autographed book of mine will be given away DAILY!

So make sure to drop by and visit, starting tomorrow, I'll be asking a question about one of my books, if you answer correctly your name will be thrown into a pot and there's the very real chance that you'll win a prize!

Remember, 1 July-13 July! Below are the actual necklaces that can be won!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Death's Redemption NOW AVAILABLE!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Marie Hall, comes the second installment in the Eternal Lovers, sexy, dark, paranormal romance series!

As a Seer, Mila O'Fallen is one of the last humans capable of channeling visions of the past and future. The one thing she can't see is her own fate, but she knows it's grim. All types of ruthless, supernatural creatures want to use her abilities, and they will do anything to gain access to her powers. When vampires descend upon her, it looks like the end-until a formidable figure appears. She feels a connection to him that is instant, unearthly, and explosive.

Grim reaper Frenzy never thought he would see the eyes of his lover again. She was murdered centuries ago, but her amber eyes are alive in Mila. Though it's not his job to protect humanity, something tells him protecting this human is what he was born to do. Yet vampires are the least of their worries. Frenzy and Mila quickly learn that a dark force is matching their every step. And even as they crave each other, the darkness craves them . . .


His hands were so warm, and she hated to admit this, even in the privacy of her own head, that it was nice. That in the topsy turvy thing she now called life, it felt like an anchor, his touch helped her to focus, breathe easier, to panic less. Why? She hardly knew him and yet her very soul resonated vibrantly when he was around.

The way his hands had curved along the contours of her body, how he’d moved in her, tasted her, sipped at her lips like she was a fine wine, it’d all felt so… familiar. Like all her life had been a slow, but inexorable progression to him. The dreams she’d had, the face of the red haired stranger, he called to her on a level she couldn’t understand.

“I’m going to keep you safe.” Those molten silver eyes hooked her, blazed with truth. “Nothing will take you from me.”