Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (Jinni's Wish)

I really need to think about joining the official list since I pretty much do this every week anyway. :p Oh well... so, Red and Her Wolf is now published... which means it's time for me to highlight another book. So this is the beginning of book 4, Jinni's Wish. When h/h meet for the first time.

“My name is Jinni.” It was the only thing he could think to say, desperately wanting her to know his name. Wanting to share a piece of himself, miniscule though it was.

She licked her lips. “My name is, Paz.”

He smiled. A traveler had journeyed to his Kingdom long ago, bringing a caravan of servants who’d spoken in foreign tongues. One in particular, a green eyed beauty, had taught him bits of her language. A lyrical, romantic language called Spanish.

“Peace,” he said, “Paz, means peace.”

She smiled and something painful twisted in his chest. “Yes, Paz means peace.”

Oh, now I know why I don't join the group, I can never seem to stick with just six sentences. :p

Anyway, happy reading all!
~ Marie

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amazon aggravations

So I've been asked, why is Her Mad Hatter free everywhere and .99 cents at Amazon... so yeah, that's not me. That's Amazon. I've written (probably hundreds of notices... okay, maybe more like 20) and finally received a response. It's up to the sole discretion of Amazon whether to price match to free or not. Meaning... it's completely out of my hands. I set the price of the book as low as Amazon will possibly let me and continue to badger them to price drop.

In case anyone would like to join me in this fruitless battle all you need to do is go to Amazon, click on the link that says know of a lower price (or something to that effect)... go to any big e-retailer IE: Kobo, B&N, Istore... and show them the link.

I do feel bad, because I know some of you are paying while others are getting it free, but there's literally nothing I can do. :( If you want a kindle compatible version of the book go to type in Her Mad Hatter in the search bar and a link will pop up for that.

Best I can do right now... hopefully Amazon will eventually choose to jump on the bandwagon like everyone else has already done... but until then... sigh, the fight continues.


Oh! Duh..., should have thought to include the links here:




So, a brilliant and wonderful friend of mine is being her super awesome self and is helping me format Red while my regular formatter is currently indisposed. Which means.... this thing will be live either sometime today or tomorrow!! :D I'm currently only uploading a copy to Amazon... only because the second book in the series is tied up with Amazon until the 26th of October. Soon as that's done, I'll upload the other two books (Gerard's Beauty and Red and Her Wolf) to all other sites.

Also... now that I've uploaded the entire first chapter of Genesis, Rage, (Still untitled YA???)... I have a question to ask anyone who may have read it.

Interested in reading more? I've got 2 more chapters I'm willing to upload, but only if I know ya'll want to read. ;)

Okay.. woot, so excited!! And here it is, the official Red and Her Wolf blurb:

Red and Her Wolf
‘Bad boys need love too…’
Long ago there lived a beautiful child. Her name was Violet. Fair of skin, with blonde hair and large blue eyes. Born of wild magic, she was a woman with a child’s heart. Innocent and lovely, but not at all what she seemed--you see Violet went by another name: The Heartsong.
She was the child of fairy magic, the physical manifestation of all fae kinds unbridled power. Cosseted and pampered, she grew up in isolation, never knowing who she really was, or why there were those who’d seek to harm her.
Ewan of the Blackfoot Clan is a wolf with a problem. He’s been sent to kill the Heartsong, but the moment he lays eyes on the blonde beauty he knows he’ll defy the evil fae he works for to claim Violet as his own.
This is the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, as it really happened

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Genesis (Part 4)

Hmmm... getting closer I think. I want something that alludes to the beginning of... but, maybe I want something more violent. (Talking titles here peeps, keep up!) ;) Okay... so Part 4 of my new YA Genesis... hmm... dunno, doesn't have that ring I'm looking for.

Anyway... so now things are beginning to get real for my little Flint. First day of school... oh how they suck. :D

The first bell rang and someone jostled into Flint’s back, pushing her into Abel. He gripped her by the shoulders.

“C’mon, before we get run down in this feeding frenzy.”

Flint stuffed her schedule into her back pocket.

“What grade are you in?” she asked.

“Sophmore. My brother’s a Senior, but he’s gonna be in your class. I saw his schedule this morning.”

She frowned. “I’m not in advanced Chem.”

Abel laughed, and again it was a really nice sound. Clear, and rich. “I know. Cain is…” Abel twisted his lips, gripped the black straps of his book bag tighter, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye and then grinned. “Well, he’s Cain.”

He didn’t elaborate and she didn’t ask, but the cryptic comment did make the curious come out. Abel turned down a hall she hadn’t walked through earlier; probably because all the doors were labeled 300 and up. Until the last one, room 201.

She laughed, glancing back down the hall. “Really?”

Abel was skinny. Pretty much nothing but skin and bones, and super tall. She wouldn’t doubt if he weighed less than her 118, and he towered her five foot seven inch frame by at least 5 inches. He wasn’t exactly swoon worthy, but when he smiled and flashed that deep dimple, it wasn’t hard to see that if he could ever put any meat on his bones, he’d be hotter than Robert Pattinson.

Though, he definitely needed a better sense of fashion. The lumberjack look died in the 90’s.

“Here.” He waved. “I’ve got lunch same hour as you, I’ll save you a seat,” he said and with a grin, before disappearing into the colorful buzzing hive of students.

“New meat,” someone snickered and pressing her lips tight, Flint walked inside.

The teacher, barely out of diapers--with his baby butt smooth skin, and light brown hair--smiled at her and said, “you must be Flint DeLuca.”

Frowning, she nodded mutely; trying to ignore the constant hard stares and chatter of her classmates.

He touched the tip of his nose, just as the final bell rang. “Well, you were either Flint or Cain. Flint sounded slightly more feminine.”

Girls twittered and a boy somewhere in the back of the class snickered. “Stupid name.”

Not the first time she’d heard someone make fun of her odd name. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m Mr. Wickham, and welcome to 11th grade Chemistry, now take your seat.” He turned his back to her, picking up a piece of chalk, he started to draw something on the board.

Clearing her throat, wishing she could just crawl into a hole somewhere and die, she spotted the only seat available.

All the way in the back corner, and sitting next to it was a brooding, giant of a boy. Muscles stacked on muscles and wearing the darkest pair of shades she’d ever seen.

For a second she wondered why he hadn’t been forced to take them off.

Sighing, she walked in between desks, tripping over a bright orange pair of Chucks. A black boy lifted his brows and put his thumb next to his ear and a finger next to his mouth.

“Call me,” he mouthed.

And tripping her was the best way to flirt?

With a huff she scooted past, finally able to drop into her seat.

Why did teachers always feel like they had to do that anyway? Make it obvious that you were new?  

For once she’d love to just walk inside, sit, and be left alone.

“Hello, class, like I said earlier, I’m Mr. Wickham, this year we’ll be learning about…”

He was saying stuff, but she could hardly focus on it. She looked to her left, at the wall of muscle sitting silent as death beside her.

He was tapping his pencil on the corner of the desk, each tap pounding like the hard beat of her heart.

Somebody should have given him the memo that Goth died when Buffy got canceled. Dressed all in black. Black jeans, black Ozzy shirt, black boots, black shades… the typical anti-jock ‘don’t look at me or I’ll kill your kitten’ stereotype.

She licked her lips, body tightening and surging with crazy dips in her lower stomach. He had a nice jaw, square and all hard lines. Especially when he clenched it like he was doing now.

Suddenly she was aware of the growing hum of laughter. Glancing up, she looked into Mr. Wickahm’s humorless gray eyes. He had his arms crossed and was giving her that look.

The one that made her want to slump farther down in her seat. Especially because all eyes were trained on her. Except Goth. He was still looking straight ahead.

“Ms. DeLuca, instead of making mooney eyes at Cain, pay attention. That way next time I call your name four times in a row, you might actually hear me.”

“Yes, sir,” she muttered, sinking into her chair, wishing she had a hoodie to cover her face with.

Oh jeez, could this day get any worse?

For the rest of the period she refused to glance at Goth boy, a.k.a. Cain, keeping her eyes firmly on the chalkboard in front of her.

But that didn’t mean she’d stopped thinking about him. It didn’t seem possible that friendly, scrawny Abel was brother to the anti-social, hot, muscle ripping--did she mention uber hot?--Goth boy.

She sniffed. He smelled good too. Like that woodsy cologne her mom used to buy Dad. Flint’s heart pounded as his pencil tapping increased.

“Ms. DeLuca. One more time, and it’ll be detention.”

Ugh, it was official, her life sucked.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


(I dunno... still playing around with titles... anyway, have sent out Wolf to the formatter. Yay! Now it's just a waiting game. Hoping to have it available for sale by next week. But my formatter is currently in the middle of a move, so that's all flexible depending on his schedule... now without further ado, part 3 of my YA Rage??? Not sure if I like that title... but here ya go)

Whispering Bluff, home to the Tennessee state conference finals football team, the Woodchucks.

Seriously? Who’d name their team that? On purpose?

Flint hiked her book bag up on her shoulder, shuffling through the dense crowd of kids high fiving and giving hugs. They all knew each other. She wished she just knew one person. Why did going to a new school always make her feel like she’d suddenly sprouted a third eye in the center of her head?

Cheerleader types were dancing in the halls, clapping and doing some sort of ugly routine while conspicuously tossing flirty glances at the football jocks walking around in their letterman jackets.

Boys were leaning against lockers, sizing up the girls like they were some sort of lunch special. Someone cat called, “Heya red, what’s your name?”

Blushing hard, she shoved past a group of kids blocking her path.

“Hey!” A girl yelled.

“Sorry,” she muttered and pressed on.

This place was so lame. When Dad had moved them, third time in five years, to Whispering Bluffs she’d been so not happy.

Wasn’t fair to go from L.A. to here. Nowheresville, Tennessee. She’d never even heard of Whispering Bluffs until his finger had randomly pointed to it on his map.

The map. The equivalent of a weegie board for him. Whenever he’d get that tingle that he’d stuck around long enough, out would come the map. A finger point later and they’d moved on. He’d always been the restless type, which was why carnival life had been perfect for him. A true Nomad in every sense of the word.

Dad was a big believer in karma and serendipity. A total hippie and prone to go whichever way the breeze took him. Which was usually no place cool, interesting, or remotely exciting.

Until L.A. That place had been alive and for the first time since mom’s death, Flint had been able to breathe and laugh again.

She’d even gotten to flirt with the cutest boy in school, Austin Issac. Soccer player, total stud, and he’d been way into her.

They’d had their first date planned--dinner at the local dive and a movie afterwards. He’d even owned his own car. A muscled up cherry red mustang. She’d been so excited.

But it was a date she’d never had a chance to go on.

Flint glanced at her sheet of paper. She had Chem first period, but couldn’t find it. It wasn’t like the school was huge, nothing like L.A., but there were a lot of hallways. Like an obscene amount of them.

She’d already had to backtrack twice.

“I’m pretty sure you passed me a minute ago.”

“Huh?” She frowned, glancing up and smiling into a pair of warm brown eyes.

Skinny, with a smooth face, and wavy brown hair, he seemed nice and friendly.

“Hi,” he stuck out his hand, “my name’s Abel. What’s yours?”

“Flint DeLuca,” she said, shaking his hand, shivering at the touch of his cold fingers.

He let her go quickly, wiping his hand down his jeans. Weird reaction, but then again, maybe he was self-conscious of his clammy hands. Lifting his brows, he glanced at the class schedule she held tight in her hand.

“You’re a Junior? And new, right? Either that, or you’re really into power walking.” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder. “You know you did a total loop, right?”

She nodded. “Yeah.” Heat rose in her cheeks. “Why are the halls so long? I’m trying to find room, 201, but I get to 200 and then the next one is 202?”

He laughed. It was a nice sound. Open and friendly, and the butterflies dancing in her gut eased off a bit.

“It’s because the teacher’s union was smoking crack when they designed this place. You’re actually supposed to be two hallways down. I can walk you, if you’d like?”

Till tomorrow my little pearls!
~Marie :D

Monday, September 24, 2012

Part 2

(A quick note on Red, I'm currently in the final stages of edits and will be sending this out to the formatter *fingers crossed* by today! Hoping to have it ready to upload within the next few days!!!)

So... picking up where we left off with poor Flint and her father. Next page of the still untitled YA...

He shifted on the balls of his bare feet, excitement coming off him in waves. She hadn’t seen him this happy in forever. The day they’d buried her, it was like a part of him had died.

She nibbled on her lower lip. “Did you call them?”

He nodded, grin cutting a huge path across his face. “Yup. Told them I was a catcher for fifteen years and mentioned that you were a pretty good flyer yourself, but an even better tight rope walker.”

“No.” Flint jerked out of her seat, and set her empty bowl in the sink. “I told you I won’t do it again.”

His eyes lost some of their luster.

“But, Dad,” she patted his cold upper arm, “you don’t need me there. I don’t have the same passion for that as you or mom did.” She kissed his whisker roughened cheek.

Such a lie. But the truth would devastate him.

He nodded. “Circus’ always need cathers, right?”

“Yeah, Dad. I gotta go change my shirt,” she grumped, frowning down at the offending pale stain circling Edward’s name.

“What time does school start?”

“Fifteen minutes.”

“Better hurry then,” he reached into the fridge and grabbed a carton of eggs.

Flint turned on her heels, then stopped. “Dad?”

“Hmm?” he cracked two eggs onto the sizzling skillet.

“Wait for me after school, I’ll go with you, K?”

He smiled and she rushed off. Stupid milk stain, now she’d have to wear that hideous Tinkerbell shirt Nana had given her last Christmas. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that her grandmother forgot she had boobs now and Tinker just so happened to be touching her wand to the tip of her right boob, a kaleidoscope of colors shooting like a firework out of it. Might as well just wear a sign that said, ‘I’ve got boobs, feel free to look’.


Will add one page a day until I reach the end of chapter 1. After that... we'll see. :D

Happy reading all!

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So, I'm writing a YA that I'm sort of digging right now and figured this would be a great place to share. :D  It's still untitled, which I need to change... but, here ya go... first page of my Carnival Saga~

“This is it.”
Flint DeLuca stared into her father’s excited brown eyes as he slapped the folded newspaper down on the kitchen table, sending her spoon sailing through the air to land with a plink on the nasty 80’s linoleum tile.

Now, instead of eating a bowl of cornflakes, she was wearing the bowl of cornflakes.

Hissing, she reached across the narrow kitchen and snatched the faded blue dishrag off the sink to swipe at her Team Edward shirt. She sighed, biting back an aggravated retort.

Like the fact that she’d had to babysit the Smith’s brats two nights in a row just to afford it. “Dad,” she groaned.

He ran blunt fingers through his spiky hair. “Sorry, baby, sorry. But look,” he tapped the newspaper.

“I need to work, Flint. That’s what I know, that’s what I can do.”
She smelled like milk. Great. She couldn’t go to school smelling like this. First day of her Junior year, just freaking peachy. Now what was she gonna wear?

Tossing the rag away, she glanced at the highlighted article. He’d circled it in red, as if she couldn’t have pieced together which article had made him this excited. Dad only loved three things in the world.

Mom. Her. And the carnival. Especially a carnival in need of flyers. Or trapeze artists as most non-carni folks called them.

She sighed. “I thought you said no more of this, Dad. After Mom--”

He clenched his jaw, ten days worth of stubble looking sort of gray in the dimly lit galley kitchen.
It wasn’t easy for either of them. Mom’s accident. It’d happened five years ago, and Flint had finally stopped having the nightmare of watching her mom plummet to her death from the fifty foot high tight rope. She missed her mom, but it was no longer the jagged ache it once was.

But it was different for her dad. She didn’t think he’d ever get over it.

He’d started drinking again. He tried to hide it. She was pretty sure he didn’t want her to know he’d fallen off the wagon, but it was pretty obvious when she’d come home and find him passed out on their ratty sofa, t.v. on and breathe reeking of Scotch.

Happy reading!
~Marie :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's christmas time!!!

Well, not really. But it's cover reveal time, which is even better. :D So my cover artist finished the last 2 covers for my Kingdom books and I'm just stoked. I have to share! :D

Le sigh....
Happy reading!

Awww... that's too cute!

So my 10 year old boy is a budding writer. He's an artist just like mom, last night he began writing an awesome story. It's called: The Yeti Survival Guide. He's already plotted out the next 2 books in the series. The book is definitely MG (middle grade level) and amazing. Of course, he's my boy... but I could easily see other kids his age loving a book like this. I made him a deal... write your book, I will then clean it up so that it's readable. Then, I'll publish it for him. He's so excited. He already knows what the cover is going to look like and can I just say... I'm so proud of him! :D

Well, I'm loving my YA. I'm still not sure of a name. :( I'm seriously debating how to promote this one. I've heard about a place called WattPad. Really good for YA. What you do is post one free chapter of your book a week. I've got a good adult audience, but I know I'll be starting all over again when I publish my YA. So that's definitely a possibility.

I'll also probably post a chapter a week here. What do you all think? Do you guys like to read chapters on blogs??? Too much?

Anyway, back to work! My books won't write themselves. :p


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beserkers and the Aswanga

So yesterday I caved. Yup, totally did. I'm still working on Kingdom, what am I thinking?! I can't start writing another book... right? Right????

Well, what the heart wants the heart wants because I dreamt the plot. Worked the whole thing out. Oh man, it's gonna be good. I'm totally digging my boy, and is he bad. My girl, she's amazing. But there will be a twist with this PNR YA. I might tell more later, but right now this is kinda my super sekret project and I don't want to give too much away.

I'm still working on Jinni. Not to worry, Kingdom will be wrapped up. :)

Happy reading my little chou's!

PS... the title of this entry is sorta important. ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Random noise

So, some of you might wonder why my blog is called what it is and if Marie is "like, really an arrogant snob" *insert Valley girl eye roll now*.

Well, the answer is no. :p Sometimes., never. I felt it might behoove me to clarify for the untutored out there that the title of this blog is one of my favorite lines from Will Ferrill's Anchorman. Just in case any of ya'll wondered why in the world I'd say I'm kinda a big deal. ;)

Now that that's out of the way, this entry is called random noise. Which means I didn't have a lot to say, but wanted to say something and so I'm here, boring  your ears off with nonsense. Here goes...

I've begun writing Jinni's Wish, book 4 of the Kingdom Series. It's going well, really well and I'm loving this one. It will likely be a wee bit more sad than the rest, but that could all change once edits roll around.

Red and Her Wolf is probably going to be released the first week of October as opposed to the final one, it's way ahead of schedule.

I started reading Hush, Hush last night. Not sure what I think of that one yet. Patch is a jerk. Totally. But I'm kinda sucked in.

I wish I had some purple toenail polish right instead of the teal... purple just fits my mood right now.

I own two tiaras. Because a girl just can't survive with one.

I'm a major Football fan. Go Niners!

Disney anything sorta rocks my world. If I could vacation in Disney anywhere only for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy, happy girl. Little Mermaid rocks. Seriously.

I love dresses, but almost always wear pants.

And... I watched Stephen King's The Stand last week and have total genius envy. That man's mind is awesome with an extra scoop of awesome sauce on top!

Happy reading!

PS... The Witching Hour is currently priced at 3.99, if you're at all curious about it... get your copy now. Next week it goes back to its normal 4.54!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cursed: Six Sentence Sunday

So, it may or may not be widely known, but I also write YA romances. Though none published yet. I've got one book finished, another nearly so and am looking to publish them very soon. So in honor of that... I decided this Six Sentence Sunday to begin posting some of Cursed.

Eliza crossed her legs, the movement causing her black skirt to hike up, exposing a large rip in the fish net stockings she wore.  Clearing her throat, she pinned him with a sharp eyed glare. 

            "What are you looking at?" she hissed under her breath.

            Noah leaned back and dropped his pencil on the desk.  "Hi."

            Her bushy red brows drew into a sharp vee and she curled her nose.  It was long, almost beaked at the tip, she really was ugly.  But her eyes, they mesmerized, large and warm and molten brown.  He could drown in those eyes.
Okay, so maybe that was an 8 sentence sunday. :p I love that book, and look forward to releasing it soon.
Happy reading my little chou's,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow!! Lots of updates!!

Read an A-Mazing book last night!! Obsidian, a YA alien romance. And yeah, before you roll your eyes about the whole alien thing, seriously... it's awesome. Anyone my age might remember a show in the 90's called Roswell. Well, it's a lot like that.

I just heart that book and totally have to give it a shout out!! I stayed up till nearly 3 in the morning... because I HAD TO FINISH IT!

Whew, okay... got that off my chest. :D

So... Red and Her Wolf has now been sent to my betas. So far I'm well ahead of schedule and really excited to release it. This book was just so much fun for me to write. And I really hope you all will love it as much as I did penning it. I listened to my readers and this time decided (just for ya'll) to write a more detailed and richer plot. This book is officially NOT a novella. If you want a label, it's category length. Approx. the length of a HQN paperback series you'd find in your local Wal-Mart. Also, it's definitely darker in tone than the first 2. Even that Mad Hatter. This story wasn't easy to tell, because unlike the other 2 villains, Wolf had done some truly heinous things in the real story. So I tried to stay faithful to that, while still giving him a believable HEA.

Anyway, I will continue to update you on the progress of the book. I'll also have my last 2 covers of Kingdom to share with you very soon. I've already seen Hook's and it's awwwwwesome sauce. ;)

Happy reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It. Is. Done!

Red is finally done! Woo hoo!! Wow, that book was crazy to write. I have a ton of edits to work through, but it felt wonderful to type the end!!!

Now begins the hard work, making this puppy shine and turning it into something that will make you all smile and sigh...

Thank you to all my readers for all your encouraging and kind words. I read every single review and want you all to know, this story is much longer than the other two. I felt this book definitely deserved more of a spotlight, it was an emotional rollercoaster, not only for me, but for Red and Wolf. This was no easy book to write, and while I tried very hard to stay true to the themes of Little Red Riding Hood, I hope I also made this book my own.

I'm ahead of schedule so far, and hopefully will release this much sooner than I'd initially anticipated. It all depends on how hard my critique partners hammer me! LOL...

PS... for any of you wanting a good substantial preview of Red, I've added a lengthy excerpt to the back of The Witching Hour: Grim Reaper Saga...

Happy reading all!!

Well, well, well...

I guess a promise is a promise! ;) So, unlike my last two Kingdom titles, this heroine was pretty messed up. It's not easy watching a wolf rip into your grandma and then being told you're his mate. Wolf has had to work for this romance, and while there's plenty of stolen glances... it's not been as easy for my Big Bad Wolf. But he's a charmer that one, and perhaps he's worked through Red's resistance. You decide. :)

“Can you make it stop?” she panted, nipping and clawing around his face and neck.

“Wha, lass?” he moaned, catching her lips between his teeth and sucking on its firm fullness, laving his tongue along its smoothness.

She moaned hard and pulled away, almost frenzied in her effort to touch him. Nibbling on his collarbone, his flesh broke out in goose bumps.

“The wanting, Ewan,” she murmured. “The needing.”
She bit him and he groaned, balls so tight and hard to his body he was sure the pleasure would kill him.
“I see you. All the time. I want you.” She bit harder, sinking in so hard his skin very nearly broke.
She's a rough one that Red. ;)
Happy reading!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Red and Her Wolf: UPDATE

Hello all,

so I've been fairly silent on here lately, and honestly I'm pretty sure you'd rather me be silent. Why you might ask? Well, because.... I'm writing. On Red. I'm at the black moment. I probably only have another 4000 words to go before this thing is officially wrapped. :D See, aren't I nice? So I could sit here for another 10 minutes and wax poetic about the joys of writing this story, or... I could actually yanno... finish it! ;)

95%  completed and hopefully come tomorrow I can say it's finally done!

Though, then it's edit time. Maybe if you guys wish me lots of luck and toss some pixie dust on it for good measure, who knows... this thing might get published earlier than October 26th. Which just seems so very, very far away doesn't it?

Happy reading all!

Oh... Psst... ya'll want a teaser line??? If I get one yes by tomorrow, I'll throw in a good one. ;) If not, then I'll know no one's reading this blog and I might just cry.

*blink blink* Seriously.

Friday, September 7, 2012

I think I sort of like this...

So there's been times in my writing life when I reread something I've written and think..."Wow, did I do that?!"

I'm beginning edits on my Young Adult Series and am reading through a book I haven't opened in months. I got so giddy at my beginning I just have to share...

A Memoir


I am born.

I open innocent eyes and take in the beauty of a world with infinite possibility. I am she. I am the start. And the end. I’m birth and death.

Then I meet him.

I love him.

But he takes too much.

He strips me.

I am naked.

I am nothing.

Nothing but hate and vengeance.

He must die.

I am Phoenix, and he will burn.
Happy reading!

Happy Friday!

Whew, what a week. :) Well I met my goal for the week and am planning to write a little more today, but suffice it to say I'm at about 80% done with Red. It's looking like I may finish this thing next week!! Yay...

Then comes edits... boo. :p But that's okay, it only makes the book better. I'm so excited to share Wolf's story with you guys.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded Witch, it did quite well for it's one day freebie.

Happy reading,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update: Red and Her Wolf

Happy late Labor Day. Hope you all had a great weekend! :D Just a quick update on where I'm at with Wolf. Today I hit 70% completion!! So close I can taste it. Things are really starting to go well and I'm super happy where this is all headed. Wolf has definitely had to work for this one, but I think it'll so be worth it!

I cannot express how much fun I've been having writing this story and because of that, I'm yet again in the sharing mood... so a quick snippet of where I'm at:

Even now her stomach felt like it was bottoming out, her thighs even shook at the thought of feeling that naked flesh. Of hearing him croon her name when in the middle of their passion.

“Ugh, but how can he love me? We barely know each other.”

Alice shrugged one shoulder. “I’m sure he doesn’t love you yet. How could he?”

Violet’s heart sank. It shouldn’t matter. Hearing it said should only reinforce how stupid this whole thing was, but she’d be lying if she said it didn’t bother her.

“It’s all animal with him. Right now its pheromones, your scent, your look, everything. It all adds up to his perfect mate.”
Happy reading my little chou's! And don't forget, The Witching Hour will be free for one day and one day only. :D