Monday, September 24, 2012

Part 2

(A quick note on Red, I'm currently in the final stages of edits and will be sending this out to the formatter *fingers crossed* by today! Hoping to have it ready to upload within the next few days!!!)

So... picking up where we left off with poor Flint and her father. Next page of the still untitled YA...

He shifted on the balls of his bare feet, excitement coming off him in waves. She hadn’t seen him this happy in forever. The day they’d buried her, it was like a part of him had died.

She nibbled on her lower lip. “Did you call them?”

He nodded, grin cutting a huge path across his face. “Yup. Told them I was a catcher for fifteen years and mentioned that you were a pretty good flyer yourself, but an even better tight rope walker.”

“No.” Flint jerked out of her seat, and set her empty bowl in the sink. “I told you I won’t do it again.”

His eyes lost some of their luster.

“But, Dad,” she patted his cold upper arm, “you don’t need me there. I don’t have the same passion for that as you or mom did.” She kissed his whisker roughened cheek.

Such a lie. But the truth would devastate him.

He nodded. “Circus’ always need cathers, right?”

“Yeah, Dad. I gotta go change my shirt,” she grumped, frowning down at the offending pale stain circling Edward’s name.

“What time does school start?”

“Fifteen minutes.”

“Better hurry then,” he reached into the fridge and grabbed a carton of eggs.

Flint turned on her heels, then stopped. “Dad?”

“Hmm?” he cracked two eggs onto the sizzling skillet.

“Wait for me after school, I’ll go with you, K?”

He smiled and she rushed off. Stupid milk stain, now she’d have to wear that hideous Tinkerbell shirt Nana had given her last Christmas. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that her grandmother forgot she had boobs now and Tinker just so happened to be touching her wand to the tip of her right boob, a kaleidoscope of colors shooting like a firework out of it. Might as well just wear a sign that said, ‘I’ve got boobs, feel free to look’.


Will add one page a day until I reach the end of chapter 1. After that... we'll see. :D

Happy reading all!

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