Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Witching Hour AVAILABLE

Whew, what a weekend! Aulani was great, the kids had a blast, and mommy did too. :p Pictures will come later, but today is just a quick note to let you all know my book is finally live!! :D

Have a great labor day all and happy reading!

The Witching Hour: Grim Reaper Saga

Because sometimes death isn’t the end…


After not only being run over, but watching her husband die in the same hit and run, Eve Philips thought she would never love again. Years pass and her sisters worry that she’ll become an old crone like so many other witches. They’ve made it their personal mission to help her find her next true love. But Eve wants none of that, she throws herself into her potions shop--Witches Brew--determined work, and not a lover, will fix the void in her heart.


Until the day she sees him. Cian, gorgeous and mysterious, she’s frightened by the desires he brings out in her. A passion that rivals even the love she’d felt for her husband.

But Cian is not what he seems. He’s fae. More than that, he’s the grim reaper of legend and his mission means her death. She shouldn’t have seen him. His kind moves in stealth, but the moment her golden eyes meets his he knows his world will never be the same. He’ll defy his orders and his Queen to keep her. But will Eve want what he offers when she discovers the truth? That he was the one who harvested her husband’s soul...

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