Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amazon aggravations

So I've been asked, why is Her Mad Hatter free everywhere and .99 cents at Amazon... so yeah, that's not me. That's Amazon. I've written (probably hundreds of notices... okay, maybe more like 20) and finally received a response. It's up to the sole discretion of Amazon whether to price match to free or not. Meaning... it's completely out of my hands. I set the price of the book as low as Amazon will possibly let me and continue to badger them to price drop.

In case anyone would like to join me in this fruitless battle all you need to do is go to Amazon, click on the link that says know of a lower price (or something to that effect)... go to any big e-retailer IE: Kobo, B&N, Istore... and show them the link.

I do feel bad, because I know some of you are paying while others are getting it free, but there's literally nothing I can do. :( If you want a kindle compatible version of the book go to type in Her Mad Hatter in the search bar and a link will pop up for that.

Best I can do right now... hopefully Amazon will eventually choose to jump on the bandwagon like everyone else has already done... but until then... sigh, the fight continues.


Oh! Duh..., should have thought to include the links here:



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