Monday, March 31, 2014

Rumpel's Prize is now AVAILABLE!!!

Exclusively as part of the Alphas After Dark boxed set for the next 30 days, the imps story will only be .99!!! I will release it separately as I've had some of you ask that of me, but not until May 1, and then I will charge 3.99 for it as it is another full length Kingdom story.

I have to be honest here and say that Rumpel has risen up the ranks as one of my favorite heroes I've written to date. And considering that Hook and Hatter are in that mix, yeah, high praise. But I can't help it, he's just so deliciously naughty!

Rumpel’s Prize

Imp, deceiver, villainous mastermind… Rumpelstiltskin’s been called all these names and more, and for the most part, they’re entirely true. But there is more to the brooding, blond haired Adonis than brokering deals for the devil. He’s hiding a terrible, hideous secret. One that threatens to fray the already delicate strands of his sanity and reason. A secret that he’s desperate to make right, to see whole again, and there is no one and nothing that will stand in his way of getting what he wants—no one except a slip of woman with hair like fire and skin like finest porcelain. Something about Shayera Caron calls to the beast inside him and makes him question his motives for the first time in his life.

Shayera Caron is the daughter of the infamous Gerard Caron, former lothario of Kingdom but now a reformed rake and settled husband and father. She can go nowhere in her tiny hamlet without seeing the sneers of women and hearing the murmurings of their disdain for the blood that runs through her veins. Shayera is desperate to get away from the gossiping hens, so when Rumpelstiltskin rides into town, she doesn’t think twice before going wherever he leads. Only thing is Shayera is not as innocent as she might seem, for she hides a secret too. One that will bring the most feared man in all of Kingdom to his knees…

And if you get a chance to review it, we'd all really appreciate it!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

All Hollows Night NOW AVAILABLE

I tell you what, Amazon and BN are really on it with uploading times now. :) This book wasn't supposed to be released until this Friday, but it's up already. I'm really hopeful Smashwords will propagate the book over to iTunes by the actual release date. I've had it up for prerelease over 3 weeks now. So fingers crossed I'll get lucky this time! Kobo is showing on my dashboard that the book is now for sale, but there is no link to buy it yet. I'm hopeful at some point today it'll show up.

But for now here are the links currently available:

Secrets and truths, lies and red herrings… which is which? That’s what Pandora’s trying to figure out. Ever since the death of her best, and probably only friend by her own hands, she’s not sure who to trust anymore. The Priest is dead. The Gray Man is… she’s not even sure what. Luc, well, Luc is Luc.

The Order has sent her deep into the heart of Mexico to investigate a potential zombie uprising. She arrives at the start of the Dia de los Muertos festival—a celebration for the dead and immediately things don’t feel right to her. For one, bodies (the living kind) keep disappearing. They’re not being kidnapped, no, if only things were that simple. Literally there one second, gone the next, she’s not sure what to make of it. On top of that mum’s are floating all over the place. Is that merely symbolism associated with the festival, or is it a clue of something far more sinister?

In this explosive sequel to the USA Today Bestselling, Crimson Night, an old ally returns and a shocking truth is revealed. One that will turn her investigation into The Order’s duplicity on its head and make Pandora question everything she ever thought she knew…