Monday, September 10, 2012

Red and Her Wolf: UPDATE

Hello all,

so I've been fairly silent on here lately, and honestly I'm pretty sure you'd rather me be silent. Why you might ask? Well, because.... I'm writing. On Red. I'm at the black moment. I probably only have another 4000 words to go before this thing is officially wrapped. :D See, aren't I nice? So I could sit here for another 10 minutes and wax poetic about the joys of writing this story, or... I could actually yanno... finish it! ;)

95%  completed and hopefully come tomorrow I can say it's finally done!

Though, then it's edit time. Maybe if you guys wish me lots of luck and toss some pixie dust on it for good measure, who knows... this thing might get published earlier than October 26th. Which just seems so very, very far away doesn't it?

Happy reading all!

Oh... Psst... ya'll want a teaser line??? If I get one yes by tomorrow, I'll throw in a good one. ;) If not, then I'll know no one's reading this blog and I might just cry.

*blink blink* Seriously.


Teresa Cypher said...

I'm reading it. And I want a teaser line! lol... I love your series. :-)

wilwaren said...

I'm here and I would like to read a teaser. Or the whole story... Whichever you give me... :)

Marie Hall said...

@Teresa~ I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. This has been my have fun and don't think much series... it's been a blast for me to write.

@WilWaren~ LOL... here's a snippet for ya. ;)