Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awww... that's too cute!

So my 10 year old boy is a budding writer. He's an artist just like mom, last night he began writing an awesome story. It's called: The Yeti Survival Guide. He's already plotted out the next 2 books in the series. The book is definitely MG (middle grade level) and amazing. Of course, he's my boy... but I could easily see other kids his age loving a book like this. I made him a deal... write your book, I will then clean it up so that it's readable. Then, I'll publish it for him. He's so excited. He already knows what the cover is going to look like and can I just say... I'm so proud of him! :D

Well, I'm loving my YA. I'm still not sure of a name. :( I'm seriously debating how to promote this one. I've heard about a place called WattPad. Really good for YA. What you do is post one free chapter of your book a week. I've got a good adult audience, but I know I'll be starting all over again when I publish my YA. So that's definitely a possibility.

I'll also probably post a chapter a week here. What do you all think? Do you guys like to read chapters on blogs??? Too much?

Anyway, back to work! My books won't write themselves. :p


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