Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (Jinni's Wish)

I really need to think about joining the official list since I pretty much do this every week anyway. :p Oh well... so, Red and Her Wolf is now published... which means it's time for me to highlight another book. So this is the beginning of book 4, Jinni's Wish. When h/h meet for the first time.

“My name is Jinni.” It was the only thing he could think to say, desperately wanting her to know his name. Wanting to share a piece of himself, miniscule though it was.

She licked her lips. “My name is, Paz.”

He smiled. A traveler had journeyed to his Kingdom long ago, bringing a caravan of servants who’d spoken in foreign tongues. One in particular, a green eyed beauty, had taught him bits of her language. A lyrical, romantic language called Spanish.

“Peace,” he said, “Paz, means peace.”

She smiled and something painful twisted in his chest. “Yes, Paz means peace.”

Oh, now I know why I don't join the group, I can never seem to stick with just six sentences. :p

Anyway, happy reading all!
~ Marie


Teresa Cypher said...

lol... " I can never seem to stick with just six sentences. :p"

And thankful for that I am. :-) Excellent snippet, Marie!

Marie Hall said...

LOL... thanks Teresa, responding to this waaaaay late, but yeah. Thanks. :D Means a lot coming from you.

wilwaren said...

ooh, you got me excited all right. every time i finish one book of these series it makes me more eager for the next one. i wanted wolf after the hatter! now i want Jinni! and since i saw the cover for Hook I want him too!

Marie Hall said...

LOL! I'm so glad you've been enjoying the series. Honestly, it's been a blast to write and such a departure from what I normally do. I'm hoping to have Jinni ready by next month sometime. Though if you check back often, I'll have updates and teasers along the way. :D

Annie said...

I stumbled across your series earlier this week, and read all three very quickly, I can't wait for Jinni or Hook. You've done an amazing job!

Marie Hall said...

Thank you so much,Annie! :D I appreciate that. :)