Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow!! Lots of updates!!

Read an A-Mazing book last night!! Obsidian, a YA alien romance. And yeah, before you roll your eyes about the whole alien thing, seriously... it's awesome. Anyone my age might remember a show in the 90's called Roswell. Well, it's a lot like that.

I just heart that book and totally have to give it a shout out!! I stayed up till nearly 3 in the morning... because I HAD TO FINISH IT!

Whew, okay... got that off my chest. :D

So... Red and Her Wolf has now been sent to my betas. So far I'm well ahead of schedule and really excited to release it. This book was just so much fun for me to write. And I really hope you all will love it as much as I did penning it. I listened to my readers and this time decided (just for ya'll) to write a more detailed and richer plot. This book is officially NOT a novella. If you want a label, it's category length. Approx. the length of a HQN paperback series you'd find in your local Wal-Mart. Also, it's definitely darker in tone than the first 2. Even that Mad Hatter. This story wasn't easy to tell, because unlike the other 2 villains, Wolf had done some truly heinous things in the real story. So I tried to stay faithful to that, while still giving him a believable HEA.

Anyway, I will continue to update you on the progress of the book. I'll also have my last 2 covers of Kingdom to share with you very soon. I've already seen Hook's and it's awwwwwesome sauce. ;)

Happy reading!


Teresa Cypher said...

Oh, looking forward to this one, Marie!! :-)

Marie Hall said...

Oh, I'm so glad. :)