Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cursed: Six Sentence Sunday

So, it may or may not be widely known, but I also write YA romances. Though none published yet. I've got one book finished, another nearly so and am looking to publish them very soon. So in honor of that... I decided this Six Sentence Sunday to begin posting some of Cursed.

Eliza crossed her legs, the movement causing her black skirt to hike up, exposing a large rip in the fish net stockings she wore.  Clearing her throat, she pinned him with a sharp eyed glare. 

            "What are you looking at?" she hissed under her breath.

            Noah leaned back and dropped his pencil on the desk.  "Hi."

            Her bushy red brows drew into a sharp vee and she curled her nose.  It was long, almost beaked at the tip, she really was ugly.  But her eyes, they mesmerized, large and warm and molten brown.  He could drown in those eyes.
Okay, so maybe that was an 8 sentence sunday. :p I love that book, and look forward to releasing it soon.
Happy reading my little chou's,


Teresa Cypher said...

Oh, wow! This is good. I love it! Pinning, hissing, and mesmerizing. And your description of her via his POV...awesome! Cool that she is not a typical beauty. But...hmmm...maybe she is not what she seems? lol...

Marie Hall said...

I'll never tell! ;)