Monday, September 17, 2012

Random noise

So, some of you might wonder why my blog is called what it is and if Marie is "like, really an arrogant snob" *insert Valley girl eye roll now*.

Well, the answer is no. :p Sometimes., never. I felt it might behoove me to clarify for the untutored out there that the title of this blog is one of my favorite lines from Will Ferrill's Anchorman. Just in case any of ya'll wondered why in the world I'd say I'm kinda a big deal. ;)

Now that that's out of the way, this entry is called random noise. Which means I didn't have a lot to say, but wanted to say something and so I'm here, boring  your ears off with nonsense. Here goes...

I've begun writing Jinni's Wish, book 4 of the Kingdom Series. It's going well, really well and I'm loving this one. It will likely be a wee bit more sad than the rest, but that could all change once edits roll around.

Red and Her Wolf is probably going to be released the first week of October as opposed to the final one, it's way ahead of schedule.

I started reading Hush, Hush last night. Not sure what I think of that one yet. Patch is a jerk. Totally. But I'm kinda sucked in.

I wish I had some purple toenail polish right instead of the teal... purple just fits my mood right now.

I own two tiaras. Because a girl just can't survive with one.

I'm a major Football fan. Go Niners!

Disney anything sorta rocks my world. If I could vacation in Disney anywhere only for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy, happy girl. Little Mermaid rocks. Seriously.

I love dresses, but almost always wear pants.

And... I watched Stephen King's The Stand last week and have total genius envy. That man's mind is awesome with an extra scoop of awesome sauce on top!

Happy reading!

PS... The Witching Hour is currently priced at 3.99, if you're at all curious about it... get your copy now. Next week it goes back to its normal 4.54!

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