Friday, September 7, 2012

I think I sort of like this...

So there's been times in my writing life when I reread something I've written and think..."Wow, did I do that?!"

I'm beginning edits on my Young Adult Series and am reading through a book I haven't opened in months. I got so giddy at my beginning I just have to share...

A Memoir


I am born.

I open innocent eyes and take in the beauty of a world with infinite possibility. I am she. I am the start. And the end. I’m birth and death.

Then I meet him.

I love him.

But he takes too much.

He strips me.

I am naked.

I am nothing.

Nothing but hate and vengeance.

He must die.

I am Phoenix, and he will burn.
Happy reading!


Teresa Cypher said...

Those moments are so cool! And your inspiration for your moment? It's some good reading! I think it even works as a poem.

Marie Hall said...

My inspiration was that my heroine was pressing in on me that yes, she might do some unscrupulous things now, but she wasn't always this way. She was innocent once, but he'd ruined her, very nearly destroyed her. I have a thing for turning what could possibly be villains into

Thanks, I loved writing that. I was channeling my best Poe. :p