Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well, well, well...

I guess a promise is a promise! ;) So, unlike my last two Kingdom titles, this heroine was pretty messed up. It's not easy watching a wolf rip into your grandma and then being told you're his mate. Wolf has had to work for this romance, and while there's plenty of stolen glances... it's not been as easy for my Big Bad Wolf. But he's a charmer that one, and perhaps he's worked through Red's resistance. You decide. :)

“Can you make it stop?” she panted, nipping and clawing around his face and neck.

“Wha, lass?” he moaned, catching her lips between his teeth and sucking on its firm fullness, laving his tongue along its smoothness.

She moaned hard and pulled away, almost frenzied in her effort to touch him. Nibbling on his collarbone, his flesh broke out in goose bumps.

“The wanting, Ewan,” she murmured. “The needing.”
She bit him and he groaned, balls so tight and hard to his body he was sure the pleasure would kill him.
“I see you. All the time. I want you.” She bit harder, sinking in so hard his skin very nearly broke.
She's a rough one that Red. ;)
Happy reading!


wilwaren said...

You finished yet, you finished yet? Not that I want to force your hand... but hurry! :D I really like to read this one!

Marie Hall said...

Yes, I'm done! Though now I have a couple of weeks worth of edits. I'd love to just throw it out into the great big world, but I don't think you guys would appreciate getting something so rough. :D

I will begin edits today, and will update along the way. But I can say I'm ahead of schedule, so hopefully not too much longer.