Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update: Red and Her Wolf

Happy late Labor Day. Hope you all had a great weekend! :D Just a quick update on where I'm at with Wolf. Today I hit 70% completion!! So close I can taste it. Things are really starting to go well and I'm super happy where this is all headed. Wolf has definitely had to work for this one, but I think it'll so be worth it!

I cannot express how much fun I've been having writing this story and because of that, I'm yet again in the sharing mood... so a quick snippet of where I'm at:

Even now her stomach felt like it was bottoming out, her thighs even shook at the thought of feeling that naked flesh. Of hearing him croon her name when in the middle of their passion.

“Ugh, but how can he love me? We barely know each other.”

Alice shrugged one shoulder. “I’m sure he doesn’t love you yet. How could he?”

Violet’s heart sank. It shouldn’t matter. Hearing it said should only reinforce how stupid this whole thing was, but she’d be lying if she said it didn’t bother her.

“It’s all animal with him. Right now its pheromones, your scent, your look, everything. It all adds up to his perfect mate.”
Happy reading my little chou's! And don't forget, The Witching Hour will be free for one day and one day only. :D

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