Thursday, August 30, 2012

Her Mad Hatter is now FREE!

Yesterday I'd posted a plea asking anyone who read this to please help me price match through Amazon, but all I had was my Smashword link which I hear they don't price match with. Today, Kobo has shown up as free and I'm willing to bet they'll accept this one.

So if you could all please help me out because unfortunately I cannot set my book to free on Amazon, only you guys can do that for me. Otherwise, trust me, I would. :)

Here's the link to Kobo:

And to Amazon:

Scroll down to product details, at the bottom you'll see something asking 'tell us of a lower price'. Click on that, a page will pop up, it'll ask you for the kobo link, plug that in and in the next two boxes enter 0, and another 0. Click okay, and Voila! It's all done. :)

ETA: However long it might take for Amazon to drop Hatter to free, the price has permanently dropped to .99 cents, effective tomorrow.

Happy reading!

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