Monday, August 27, 2012

Hate secrets...

I was the type of child (and truthfully still am) who loved knowing what I was going to get at Christmas and my birthday beforehand. Knowing, in no way, took away the fun for me. In fact, it only made me more anxious for things to happen.

And I guess it should come as no shock, that I'm also terrible at keeping secrets. If I've watched a movie and it was THAT good, well... I'm liable to tell you the whole plot, down to said character's favorite food. Always shocks me that people don't like to have the reveal ahead of time. I can't be the only one in the bookstore thumbing to the back of the book first... I mean, if character X dies... then there's no way I'm going to take 6 hours out of my life to invest in a character who'll die in the end. (Ahem, Pru from Hunger Games *cough cough*)... had something in my throat.

Anyway, that is why I'm absolutely bursting at the seams to tell ya'll something and for once, I'm actually torn between telling all now, or.... waiting until I can actually do the reveal.

So I guess, I'll just have to wait to tell until later....

Oh, who am I kidding?!?!?!? There's no way! :p

So, I hired the most AMAZING cover artist alive. She does the most beautiful artwork for all the big 6, in layman's terms... she works for the bigwigs of the publishing industry. She's the equivalant of owning a coach bag as opposed to the Wal-Mart special. So the surprise is I'll be putting out an omnibus edition, in both print and eform of the first 3 Kingdom books and she'll be doing the cover for it. I've asked her to incorporate the themes from all three. Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Red Riding Hood. We're still talking, but wow is this going to be spectacular. I cannot wait to see it myself. I'm going absolutely nuts waiting, but I've hired a photographer to do shoots of what I imagine my Hatter to look like and she'll take over from there. I cannot wait to share, and for those of you who haven't bought my books, but have been considering it... just wait till you see the cover. It might make you take that chance.

I'll still be working with Elaina, my current designer, but this was really a treat to me for great sales, and a gift to my readers for being so loyal. :)

Oh... and Red is now 40% done. ;) And since I'm in a sharing mood... proof, that I am still working on Wolf!

Lit with desire, her sanity screamed at her to get away, but her traitorous body could only undulate as the pleasure overwhelmed her with its violence.

Ahhh... true love. Kind of, put it like this... Red isn't happy about this at all!

Till next time my little chou's...

P.S. Happy 10th Birthday to Red Rocket. He's been a blessing in my life and the best son a mom could ever have!

If you'd like to see my artist's work here's her link, she's fantastic!


A.J. Locke said...

Oh, can't wait to see how the cover turns out. And I have to add that I was also that kid who loved knowing what presents I was getting. Every Christmas I would go looking for them. Only reason I don't anymore is because I moved out lol

Marie Hall said...

You and me both, A.J.! I don't think there's been a Christmas since I've married that I don't know already what I'm getting. :p My husband tries, bless his heart, but I've got 32 years under my belt of Holmes honed skills!