Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (Oops!) Witching Hour

Sometimes time just gets away from me. Anyway, here is a very belated S.S.S. This is from my soon to be released long length novel: The Witching Hour--Grim Reaper Saga. So without further ado...

Set up:

The heroine (Eve) is meeting the hero (Cian--pronounced with a K sound) for the first time.... or is she?... hmmm...

Just looking at him made her feel as if she’d bitten into decadence and her body definitely noticed, hot shivers coursed down her spine. Her breathing increased by a notch.

Like two magnets being drawn together, he finally looked her way. Mesmerizing eyes, the color of sea frost, held her enthralled.

Those eyes. A thread of a memory tried to worm its way out.

Till next week my little chou's! *wink*
~Marie :D

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