Thursday, August 16, 2012

Red and Her Wolf... da da da da...

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so... I've been reading a couple of reviews wondering where I'm at with Red and am I working on it. The answer is a big, fat YES! I'm so excited! I've plotted the story, have written the first part of it and am super excited about where it's going. :)

It's already looking like it will be longer than even Gerard. By at least another 10k words. By the end of edits, all of that might change. But for now, it's gearing up to be more of a mid-length novel than a novella. Roughly 50k words. Technically speaking, anything over 45k words or roughly 180 pages, give or take, is considered a short full-length novel. Kingdom has been novella length, but definitely on the longer side of that equation, each roughly coming in at 40k words. So longish for a novella. Honestly, I never did like shorties because I always felt like you couldn't put enough heart and meat into a 20 page story. Which is why my Kingdom series comes up to roughly 150 pages. Novella length, but definitely on the broader end of the spectrum. But for all of you who like more meat on your bones, you'll be happy to note that Wolf has decided his story is much longer and has a much more intricate backstory and I'm only too happy to comply. Typically my books tend to range between 75k-80k words. Or about 250-280 pages. Kingdom books were just meant to be fun without too much thought to it... but old habits die hard, and I wouldn't be surprised if by the time I write Hook's book it works its way to 60-70k. That's really where I, as a writer, feel most comfortable writing.

So I've decided, since I'm in a sharing mood to well.... share. *shrug* :D Here's a brief snippet (and by brief I mean, don't blink 'cause you might miss it). So enjoy:

There was blood everywhere. On her arms, her hands, her face. It coated her tongue, but she didn’t stop stabbing. Over and over again. The wolf lay still, no longer fighting. Little more than a carcass and still she savaged it.

“Down with the Big Bad Wolf,” Vi hissed, stabbing her knife down the gut of the beast; smiling as the blood painted the white snow crimson red.

Hmm... that Red is rather savage, no? LOL... I think the Wolf definitely has his work cut out for him and in the words of the immortal Desi Arnaz: "Has lots of esplainin' to do!" ;) For anyone curious as to the artwork for this one, well here you go... Red and Her Wolf, the official cover:

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