Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Back for another riveting round of six sentences! LOL... so to pick back up, this is from my soon to be released novel: The Witching Hour (Grim Reaper Saga).

Cian pulled his hand from his pocket, exposing the skeletal appendage. The bouncer stiffened when he pointed a finger at his blond head. The penetrating chill of hoarfrost shot from Cian’s hand into the air, circling the vamps head. Death’s mark. The vampire sucked in a shaky breath as his crimson stained lips turned a pale shade of blue. A dark trickle of blood slid from his nose.

So there's out first introduction to our hero. He can be quite frightening, but as you'll soon see, also very, very passionate about what's his. I think all the best heroes are like that, no?

Cian pronounced with a hard (K) sound is my version of the Phantom.

Till next week!


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