Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Heroes Part Deux

Hi ya'll. Yes, that Southern Twang is quite intentional. So a little bit about me, before I talk about my boys. I'm part Panamanean and parts Country, and I bet you can't tell which one I tend to identify with more?

Two guesses, and the first *don't* count. ;)

So the truth is, I was born and raised in Latin America, my momma is 100 percent Latina, and that's a huge part of who I am. BUT, for the majority of my life the bible belt has been where I call home. Ultimately. And I say ultimately because being first a military brat, and now a military wife... home is where the orders say they are. But MO is a constant in my life.

Now, I said all that, to say this... I've got a thing for inserting places where I've been and people I've come across into my worlds. Don't ask me why, just happens. And a great majority of my books will feature a character very prominently Southern.

I've also been told I have a wicked sense of humor...

Gerard: Mon Dieu, Marie... Do you plan to bore the readers with your life? It's truly a yawn fest. Talk about me. I'm what they're here for after all. (sultry grin)

Marie: Oh jeez, Gerard! Are you serious? Why can't you just let me have a little me time? I'm trying to tell my readers about my life! I mean, they're here because they read my books, right?!

Gerard: *stage whisper* Oh, wonderful, beautiful reader... Have you come to hear the prattle of a mid--

Marie: GERARD!!! Don't you dare tell my age, don't you know a woman never ages past her twenties?

Gerard: Oui. Oui. (Shakes head) Point is, dear reader, I'm the beefcake you've come to see. I'm tall. Quite muscular. In fact, I've been told I bear an uncanny resemblence to Gerard Butler. Though I'm much more attractive than him.

Marie: *grumble grumble* Yeah, and you've got a big, fat ego. No wonder Prince Charming was ready to go all 'Off with your head'. Ladies, stay far away from this one, he's bad news.

Gerard: Non! Mon Cherie, I'm reformed. Just ask my Belle. She is quite satisfied--

Marie: Good gosh, Gerard! Somebody save me...

Gerard: Hatter, what are you doing here?

The Mad Hatter: I seek the answer to the riddle...

Marie: Oh merciful heavens! When I asked someone to come save me, I meant someone less arrogant than Gerard, and infinitely more sane than you, dear Hatter! No offense.

The Mad Hatter: *Sly grin* None taken. Up is down, down is up, time is senseless in a senseful way. Wouldn't you agree?

Marie: Hatter, where's Alice? Seriously, you're losing your marbles again. No one wants to read this nonsense. You boys have destroyed my blog entry.


Marie: Yes! Wolf, thank goodness you're here. Please, take these boys someplace else so I can finish my thoughts in peace and quiet.

Big Bad Wolf: For a boon, I will.

Marie: *eye roll* What now?

Big Bad Wolf: Find Red. She is mine, I will not stop until she is returned to me.

Marie: Wolf, I hate to tell you this, but she might not want to return. You sort of killed her grandmother.

Big Bad Wolf: NO! You know the truth of that story, I saved her. I love her. Give her back to me, or I'll never stop haunting your thoughts!

Marie: *stares at the audience* Readers, I'm so sorry, the story of me will have to wait for another day. My boys are quite obnoxious at the moment.

Big Bad Wolf/The Mad Hatter/Gerard: Marie. Marie. What is time? Find Red! Hello, lovely chou's...

Marie: Oh brother! Well, I guess I gotta run... don't forget, say hello for a chance to win a 10 dollar gift card to Barnes and Nobles, and as added incentive, the winner's name will be thrown into a grand prize lottery for the chance to win a 100 dollar gift card to B&N!

Good luck and happy reading,


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