Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (Or is it??) Red and Her Wolf

So I debated whether to stick another preview of my Reaper book up, or do one for wolf. To alleviate any curiosity as to whether I'm still working on book 3 of the Kingdom series. I've decided to give a six sentence peek into my wip. :)

So set up:

Wolf is searching for Red, he's heard her cry the night before and believes her to be hidden with the Hatter's Mad realm. But a certain cat stumbles upon him while he's searching and Wolf discovers a secret he can hardly believe...

The cat floated at the edge of sanity and reason, a creature of madness and lunacy, he was unable to go further for fear of losing himself beyond the safety of his woods.

Ahead the land rolled like the soft swell of a rolling sea. Stopping, Ewan panted, catching his breath, waiting for his heartbeat to return to its normal rhythm. Jinni floated by his side, gazing up at the bejeweled sky with profound longing painted on his face.

“The fairy has lied to you, wolf.” Cheshire lifted a brow, the perpetual grin curving higher like twin sickles. Cat’s voice was low, filled with hubris. “The girl is not here. She never was. She’s on Earth. A place called, A-Laska.”

His chuckle grated on Ewan’s nerves.

Popping his eyeballs out, Cheshire juggled them in the palms of his fuzzy hands. “Ask me how I know, dog.”

“The cat lies, Ewan,” Jinni hissed. “Do not listen to his madness.”

“Do I? I did not think that I did.” He tossed the eyes higher into the air with each pass, until finally he threw them so hard they blazed a white streak through the night.

Well, as you can see, it's much bigger than six sentences. Honestly, it's one of my favorite scenes and I just didn't know where to cut it, so I didn't. :p Remember, blog hop ends tonight! Say hi and you might just win a 10 dollar gift certificate to B&N AAAAANNNNDDD have your name thrown into the grand prize pot for the 100 dollar prize! Imagine how many books you can buy with that? Why... you could even afford a couple of books by a fabulous author. ;)

Happy reading!

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