Saturday, January 11, 2014

All Hallows Night: Sneak Peek

So I'm constantly being asked…

Askerer (? is that really a word you ask, well yes, yes it is, I say)… anyway, like I was saying before being so rudely interrupted… *humph*


Marie: What? Really? Dying? Oh no… I swear I'm working on it

Askerer: No, you're not, you're just teasing us, promising things and never delivering

Marie: Oh Nos! Do you really believe that? Would I do that to you? *blinks innocently*

Askerer: Ummm… yeah. If you're really working on that book, prove it!

Marie: Your wish is my command *smiles sweetly*

ALL HALLOWS NIGHT (an excerpt)

“You’ve changed,” Luc murmured. His back was toward me as he sat on the edge of my bed. His nude ass flexed and gleamed with a sheen of sweat as he shifted around. 
      I sat up and clutched the sheet to my chest. I looked at my hands and I didn’t see long fingers, or red painted nails. I saw the hands that had ended the life of a friend. Probably my only friend.

I shuddered, balling them up and turning my face to the side, because if I let myself think too long on it, I’d drown in the memory.

Marie: Seeeee, I told you!!! 

All Hallows Night is coming soon, I PROMISE! :D Unless of course the sky falls or the world ends, or the zombie apocalypse happens or sumthin' like that.

Happy reading!

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