Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A call out to all my little songbirds out there

Can you write songs? Would you like to write one for Tor???? I ask because while I can write a book, I'm very willing to admit that writing a song is a whole 'nother story. So contest time... wanna be included in the credits of Tor and Jaime's story, write a song. If I love the lyrics, I'll put it in the book! :D

And since I know you need to be inspired to create here are a few facts about these two crazy lovebirds...

1. Tor is a Viking. Loves his heritage.
2. Hard worker, has three jobs, one a tattoo artist
3. Jaime thinks she's not seen, he sees her
4. You decide :)

Not giving away my plot now *g*

This is a straight up love song, but think outside the box. Not your typical love song... here are quotes that both Jaime and Tor love... use these to help inspire you


At the door of my soul she is standing,
So sweet in the gleam of her garment…
Her footfall awakens a fury,
A fierceness of love that I knew not…
13th Century Viking Warrior Poet, Kormak


Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever…

Send your responses to my personal email addy so that your lyrics can remain private :)


Happy writing!

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