Thursday, September 19, 2013

ATTN readers, need some help

I actually do enjoy looking up fun facts of character background, but I thought this might be a fun time to ask you readers for help.

If you've read Right Now, then you've met Tor my Viking throwback and he's uber sexy, don't believe, look at the picture ;)

So here's my question to you. I'm still debating whether to make him from Sweden or Norway, so anyone who knows anything about either culture, I'd love to hear some feedback from you. Either here, or to my personal addy What are popular foods there? Popular music? Some Norse mythology would be great. Maybe even a few words, terms of endearments used there. Gah, I love that sexy Viking and I want you all to love him too, so anything to offer would be great.

And in return you all get pimped in the dedication page of Tor and Jaime's book! :)

Happy reading,


Karan Shilling said...

OMG Travis Fimmel.. HOTTEST Viking ever.. :) I think he looks better now then when he was modeling.
I just discovered you with A Moment and now I am looking for all of your books.

Marie Hall said...

Thank you so much, and Travis is smokin'. First saw him in Vikings, hmm... wonder what inspired me to write about Tor? ;)