Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A post in which I both ramble and give big hints

Hello readers,

how are you this fine morn? Afternoon? Eve?


So I've been working on a project. One that I get almost daily emails about. One that people tell me (and I quote) "I'm gonna die if I don't find out what happens next!"

And the novel is going goooood.

It's about a girl and a guy, and another guy, and this thing, in this place. And one of the guys is all like "mmhmm, I love ya baby" and the other guy is like "grrr..I both hate and love you" And then there's this conspiracy and lots of stuff gets discovered and the girl figures out something epically big and…

Well, I can't give everything away, now can I? *VBG*

I guess you'll just have to wait to read it. But since I treasure my readers (and I honestly do) here's a little hint for ya:

This is an allegorical work, read between the lines.


Hmmm. whatever could that mean?

Happy reading!

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