Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forbidden teaser

I got a new cover, the second one in the series done. I won't show it yet, not until the third one is complete, however... I will share a quick teaser of my favorite line for the day:

But he didn’t kiss her, he was running his nose along the top of her head and she could swear she felt his body trembling.

“You always smell so good,” he murmured.

Sigh... I'm seriously loving Cain. :D

Happy reading,

PS... Hook's Pan is already in the works. *g* Right now this book is looking much more like a full length novel. Which is surprising considering all the others were novellas (with the exception of Wolf, which was a short category length novel). So that should be fun, a great way to end the series with a bang. I'm loving this though, lots of mermaids, pirates, and a certain pesky fairy godmother!

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