Friday, November 2, 2012

Kingdom Collection!

Now on sale through Smashwords!! Should go live everywhere else within 24-48 hours. :D This will also be my first print edition! Super excited. Sign up for my newsletter if you'd like to receive future information on book releases, and cool prizes!

This is the first 3 books of Kingdom all in one, to include bonus deleted scenes in both Hatter and Wolf, not to mention one of Alice Hu's scrumptious cupcake recipies!

And the cover is just to die for, right??

EDIT: The book is now available everywhere, save B&N which is still 'publishing' it. Hopefully another day or so! :)

Happy weekend all! :D


wilwaren said...

yippee! looks really-really good! I'm going to check this out!

Marie Hall said...

Thanks Livia! Hope you enjoy it. :D