Friday, November 16, 2012

Stefan and Elaina... *sniff sniff*

Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a total vampire diaries junkie. Or as I like to call it in this house, V.D. fan. ;) Because for me it's just as insidious as a nasty case of V.D. (Not that I'd know or anything) But seriously, it's this annoying show that irritates and annoys me, and yet... I cannot escape my girlie crush of it.

Sigh... and yes, I'm completely on Team Stefan. Not that I don't love me some Damon, but Stefan has always respected Elaina's decisions. Whether he agreed with them or not, he was man enough to let her have her own mind on things. Sometimes it blew up in their faces, like for instance Elaina dying and becoming a vampire. *cough cough* But, hey... I'd still prefer my man letting me make up my own mind about things, then have him tell me how it's gonna be. DAMON.

Now, Damon is a total hottie and I'll even admit (reluctantly) that I kinda like that he's got a thing for her, their chemistry is hot. BUT, Elaina fought the entire last season to get her Stefan back from the brink. And why was Stefan there??? To keep her safe in the first place, his life for hers.

I do not like when you give me a couple to care for, only to then change the dynamics all around and put her in someone else's arms. I mean, how would you feel if by the end of Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth told Mr. Darcy, "Yeah, chum... I've sorta got a thing for Ol' Bingsley there. Good knowing you, pip pip and all 'at."

NO. I don't think so. Don't get me emotionally invested in two characters only to then trade off for another one. Now I wouldn't care so much if Stefan weren't so madly in love with her. Ugh... I hate TV shows, which is why that's pretty much the only one I watch with any sort of regularity. Mainly because those boys sure are nice to look at, but whateves... the point is, I'm distraught today.

So when I started working on Forbidden, I made Cain so much of a jerk that it dawned on me... I totally need to lay off the tele right before working on my own books. Makes me angsty, and trust me, you wouldn't like me when I'm angsty.

Happy reading,

Think I'll go drown my sorrows with a cupcake. *sniff sniff*


A.J. Locke said...

I'm with you, LOVE Vampire Diaries, sad that Elena and Stefan broke up, but I guess they have to keep it interesting since having them be all happy would be boring! And I do love Damon, but I'm sure it won't be happily ever after for Damon/Elena!

Marie Hall said...

You're so right, A.J. Though, that totally annoys me because it means I'm secretly a masochist! Sigh...