Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sometimes you just know...

When an idea is flowing and your characters are giving back to you, oh wow, I love days like that. I went on a walk this morning and nailed the entire lake scene for Forbidden. Cain (my hero) is a serious bad a**, which of course the heroine (Flint) finds both intriguing and irritating as all H-E-double hockey sticks. (Yes, I swore like a little But I'm trying to maintain a clean site here peeps. ;)

Anywho, this book is so much fun to write. And while it's a departure from Kingdom, I don't think it will be any less interesting because of it. It deals with a curse, a mortal, and a guy who knows he should definitely stay away.

Really the cover says it all. And just a little snippet by my hero because he's all sorts of hotness, a tease. Set up: Hero is thrashing an Aswanga to within an inch of its life, just as he's really getting into it, suddenly the Aswanga (and if you're curious look them up, real mythological creature *wink*) tells him something that makes him explode...

“We’ve seen a girl. Red hair. Brown eyes.” It moved its head like a charmed cobra, lecherous grin tipping the corners of her fanged mouth. “Our soothsayer says she is the one.”

The blood in his veins turned to ice.

“Is she? Will she bring about your doom?”

Cain’s hands slowly slid up the creature’s body, coming to rest against the peeling cheeks. “I have no weakness,” he hissed and then with a surge of strength, torqued the neck until the bones cracked and it slumped lifeless to his feet.

Hmmm.... and in case you're wondering, my hero is most definitely NOT human. ;)

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