Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jinni and Paz SSS Jinni's Wish

It's been a while since I've done a SSS. So here ya go, a tiny snippet of Jinni's Wish, due out soon! ;)

Paz knelt by his side, gripping his shoulders. “Jinni? Honey?”

Her eyes were wide and frantic as he gazed into them. Refusing to give into the pain, refusing to let her see just how much it was hurting. Cold sweat swept up and down his body, breaking out on his skin, causing his scalp to tingle with fire and pain.

“Listen to me, Paz,” he gritted out. “You have to return. Now.”

Their heavenly bed began to dissolve back into the stardust that had created it.

 She shook her head, even as they began falling like a comet back to Earth. “No.”

This scene was so *sob* tough to write. Poor Jinni.

Happy reading!
~Marie :)


danelle nixon said...

your such a tease lol. sounds great and can't wait

Marie Hall said...

Oh, I try. ;) And it's very nearly done now. Yay! :D