Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cupcakes and Books... is there anything better??

That is a question a gal wrote me yesterday. I had the great fortunate of reading an email from a reader yesterday, who also happens to own her own cupcakery. Which is all sorts of awesome, as I've always kicked that idea around myself.

But then she tells me she actually created the Mad Hatter's Delight!! *SQUEE* How awesome right? That's too cool. A patron butter cream frosting on a vanilla bean cake. Oh *drool* Seriously, that sounds divine. I then asked her, if she'd be so kind, to take a couple of pics of the cakes so that I could post them on my website.

And yeah, they look better than I even imagined. Yummy....

If you'd like to try these inspired creations then here's her facebook link:!/chickys.cupcakery

Her name is Danelle Nixon and she lives in Woodward, OK. Check 'em out and tell me if they taste as delicious as they look. ;)

Now I think I'll be making cupcakes this weekend! Ginger, lemon, honey cakes.... sounds good, right? :D

Happy reading,

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