Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Jinni's Wish

Wow, it's been a minute since I've done SSS. Life. It happens. But I'm here now and would LOVE to share six sentences with you.

So set up:

Paz is terribly depressed. If I told you why, it would give the entire plot away. But let's just say, it's a doozy. Jinni has fallen under her spell and only wants to see her smile again. So he does something to bring her smile back...

“I do believe you mentioned wanting to dance on a star.” He held up his hand.

The effervescent smile was back, and as she slipped her hand in his, a symphony only they could hear rode the winds of time, embracing their light in a tight hug. They danced and swayed, hopping from one star to another. Paz laughed and laughed, throwing her head back, breathing in deeply as a rosy flush touched her cheeks.

“I wish I’d known you before, Paz,” he whispered so low he knew she wouldn’t hear. “You would have saved me.”

There! That's it. :D This story is definitely turning out to be so much sweeter than the others. And while it's been harder to write than the others, it's also (I think) going to be much more bittersweet and special because of it.

The book is now 50% done! I'd hoped to have this thing completed by November, but there were many things that caused a delay with this one. So my goal is to have it up by the beginning of December.

Happy reading all!
~Marie :)


patricia crews said...

oh my wow! loved the sss. can't wait for jinni's story!!! *squee*

Marie Hall said...

Thanks, Patrcia! I'm about 70% done now and am so excited about this one. :D