Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You know you've got it bad

When you're actually starting to dream about your book. LOL... I didn't want to wake up. It was so sweet and romantical, and not about Jinni's Wish. *snort* I was dreaming about the YA I've set aside for a while now to focus on getting my Kingdom Books finished. I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something. :p

Honestly though, that story has got my heart strings and I can't wait to give that book to the world. I'm not traditionally a YA writer, nor a romance writer. Traditionally I do Urban Fantasies with happy for now, type endings. It's been fun for me this year to stretch my wings and write so completely different than my norm. I kind of like it actually. My UF's are fun, but can be depressing at times. So doing all these HEA endings and now dreaming about them... I gotta say, I'm havin' fun. :D

I've got two upcoming books due to be released very soon. And I'm not sure I've ever shared the covers with you guys.

This first one is a cover to my death series:

This is my straight up UF, and that woman on the cover is named Pandora. She's Nephilim, meaning part demon, part human. She works as a carnie in her family's traveling circus and on the side kills rogue vampires and blood thirsty full bloods. She's quite a piece of work that one and I just lurve her.
This next cover is to my Chaos Time Series, it's my YA that's quite unlike most of the YA's I've read out there. I wanted to write a dystopian, then I really wanted to do a time travel, but also really wanted paranormal, and kicked around the idea of a historical. So... I crammed them all into one story. The book takes place in different places and times on earth. Waaaaay back to the past, as in Mayan Days, and all the way into the future, as in a distorted dystopian society that turned Jane Austen's Regency England on it's head. But, on top of that, I created a romance story (not the main element of that book) that was emotionally rough for me to write, but I think, all the more beautiful because of it. I seriously cannot wait to release this one, as it's my first YA I'll ever publish.

Both books are full lengths, no more shorties for me. I generally don't write novellas, that was also something novel about my Kingdom books. However, it takes much longer to get a full length ready for publication than novellas. Thus my decision to enter the market with novellas. :) Sort of a way for me to dip my feet in, show you guys my writing, before I laid my big boys out there...

Really looking forward to putting these books out there! :D Look for Fire in the Sky to come out first.

P.S. ... just in case you've been living under a rock, today is the vote!! Go vote, blue/red, doesn't matter. Just go make your voice be heard.

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A.J. Locke said...

Those are two awesome covers!!

Marie Hall said...

Thanks, I rather love them myself. :p