Sunday, December 2, 2012

SSS Forbidden

Happy Sunday, and now for another round of S.S.S. Forbidden.

These 6 sentences show Flint beginning to discover some uncomfortable truths and Cain comes to help her out the best way he knows how. Which, with Cain, it ain't always pretty... but this is one of those rare times when he actually is nice...


She didn’t need to look to know who’d said her name.

“What?” His name came out muffled between her fingers.

Cain pried her hands off her face and then slid his sunglasses off, his eyes gently probing her face. The scent of corn and car exhaust smacked her in the nose. She trembled, maybe her dad was right and she was suffering some sort of PTSD, maybe she hadn’t been ready to come back.
Happy reading!


Teresa Cypher said...

This is soooo good, Marie! It's rich with words in all the right ways. You do a nice job of drawing the reader into your story. I like it! :-)

Tabitha Yohe said...

I like the little teaser and the covers are awesome as well. :)

Marie Hall said...

Thank you, Tabitha. :D I sorta love those covers.

Marie Hall said...

You are a fantastic writer, coming from you, that's a HUGE compliment. ;)