Thursday, December 20, 2012

On Dublin Street: Recommended Read

At this point I'm fairly certain you've all heard of this book, and have probably all read this book. Rarely do I come across books that I stay awake all night just to finish it. I've read some of Samantha Young's other books, YA's... and was never a huge fan. So I really dragged my feet with reading this one... but there was just so much buzz about it and after the fifth friend told me I absolutely had to read it, I caved and I'm sooooo glad I did! This book is amazing. The heroine is totally messed up, she has some major baggage in her past, which means she's got HUGE committment issues. The hero has been done wrong. I mean neither one are going to win boy scout awards, they're messed up, screwed up, and just plain off. Which is what made them so real. The setting, well... it's Scotland, I mean c'mon... that's about as perfect a setting as you can get. There was no fantasy, no paranormal, but there was blood sizzling chemistry, real and awesome characters that you can't help but root for and a story line that literally sucks you in from the first paragraph.

Seriously guys, if you want a fantastic read (and you're like me with a head stuck under a rock) read this book. You'll thank me later! :D

Happy reading,

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