Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book review: Secrets of the Apple

I don't ordinarily write reviews, I just don't have time for it... but if I come across a gem, I just can't seem to help myself. This book is like discovering an Indie band, it's not widely read, in fact it's ranking on Amazon is incredibly low, but I don't believe it's due to a poor book... oh no, I read it and can only say this is the epitome of romance. It's because I just don't think enough people know about this lovely book... so I'm doing my best to help out a fellow author (which I don't even know by the way). I came across the ad on Kindle Deals and was so struck by the simplicity of the cover that I uploaded a sample, and the rest is as they say... history.

Secrets of the Apple:

Ryoki is comfortable in his custom-built hell, making money with both hands and slashing his path through the world of men. But there’s something about Kate, something important dangling just at the edge of his consciousness. She can’t read a map, she falls off her heels, and yet she saves his life with a button and a bit of thread. Terrified she’s privately plotting to marry him, he studies her with hooded eyes, attempting to discover her secrets for himself. But understanding Kate will challenge everything he thought he knew.

If you love Pride and Prejudice, if you love a long and very, very sweet and satisfying romance, than you have to try this. It's only 2.99, well worth the cost of admission. :D
Happy reading,
PS. Jinni is coming along nicely! I'll have more updates available soon. Also, Gerard's Beauty should be available to be purchased everywhere as of Saturday!! Yay!! Finally. :D

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