Saturday, October 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Jinni's Wish

So technically this isn't Sunday, but let's not quibble here. Also, a note... Jinni is currently slated for a November release, more specific dates will be coming soon. ;) Another installment of Jinni... so a deeper introduction of Jinni and what he's battling with, a serious case of the life-sucketh-syndrome. I'd say Paz has her work cut out for her! ;)

He was floating, bits of debris sailing through a body that was once solid and firm--that’d once known pleasure, desire.

Jinni gnashed his teeth, or at least attempted to, there was very little substance left to him anymore. Trees towered on every side of him. The mundane world echoed with the faint buzz of animals at rest, sleeping insects, and stalking predators. But inside he felt nothing.

Nothing but an empty void. No joy, no sadness. He just was.

Happy reading!

PS... Thanks to all you volunteer readers for Red, that was a smashing success. To anyone who visits me, come back real soon. I'm part of a Alpha Heroes blog hop set to happen on the 19th and there's going to be a TON of SUPER AWESOME prizes. Such as... a wicked swag pack, 150 dollar gift card, and a KINDLE FIRE!! So yeah, come back if you're interested to learn more. ;)

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Teresa Cypher said...

Nice snippet! I just bought Red and Her Wolf. Looking forward to it! :-)