Monday, October 22, 2012

Baubles and bits

Wow, ya'll! What a great turn out for that Hop. The winner of my personal prize has won and already been notified, congratz Patti! ;)

Seriously though, ladies and gents, I loved reading all your replies and just because the Hop is over doesn't mean you have to stop visiting me. I love my readers and have been known to do surprising things from time to time for those who follow me.

Like for instance, anyone enrolled in my newsletter will have a chance to win a super cool swag pack from Moi for my future release of the Kingdom Omnibus collection. There's gonna be all sorts of fantastic baubles and bits in store. I've already shown you my fantastic new Hatter cover, well let's just say he'll be front and center on lots of cool prizes. So come back, there will be more info on that later. :D

Also, just finished reading a book that totally rocked my socks off this weekend! Firelight!!! Le sigh, think Phantom of the Opera (the Gerard version), mixed with a smatter of Dr. J and Mr. H, firestarter, and tons and tons of romance!!! Plus, the cover is hot. Literally. :p (Badah bum... thank you, thank you... be here all week *snort*). So yeah, seriously 5 stars on that one!

Happy reading!

ETA: I'm such a goof!! I don't know why I was thinking the Blog hop was over, it's not over until tomorrow. So since I completely lost track of my days, anyone who comments on my blog today will be in the running for an additional copy of Red and Her Wolf, so long as they sign up for my newsletter!

Sheesh... :p


Tabitha Yohe said...

Firelight does look good. Thanks. I put it on my wishlist. Loved the Phantom of the Opera (Gerard version).

Marie Hall said...

Firelight is fantastic!! You'll love it. :D