Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yes, I hear you

So ordinarily authors are told don't read your reviews, if you get a bad one it can totally throw you into a tailspin. And yes, some have been harsh in my life. I remember once someone comparing my work to Disney, (which might have been okay if it'd been a review on Kingdom) however, it was based on my first and only attempt at erotica. *cringe* I figured out I was definitely NOT cut out to write that

And even to this day I do get readers who don't care for my work. I've had a few tell me Hatter sucked in probably 3 different languages. But... over the years my skin has gotten thick, as a writer, it has to. If Jane Austen has her detractors, who am I to think I won't? Right??? Taste is a personal choice, what I love (*cough cough* Twilight... I know, I know... height of uncool to admit it, but yeah, I did and do love it still) others despise (IE: 50 Shades.. I just cannot understand the appeal). But that's cool. That's what reading is all about, finding what you love, sinking deep into that world and coming back to reality at the end and wishing you could scrub your mind of the book, just so you could have the pleasure of rediscovering it for the first time again.

I love writing. It's infinite possibilities trapped in my head, a million different lives for me to lead, a million different heroes for me to kiss, a million different heroines for me to become. So when I throw my babies out into the world and I read a review that tells me:

Are you listening, Ms. Hall?? I LOVED it.

All I can say to that, is yes.. I hear you. :) Thank you guys, seriously. For the 1 percent that hate me, it's satisfying and fulfilling to know that most think my worlds are as cool as I do. So to you guys, Gracias (thank you!)

Happy reading,

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