Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free copies of Red and Her Wolf to the first 5!!!

Yeah, so Rocket's out of school for Fall break, Dh is off for 2 weeks. I knew writing would be difficult, but I'd assumed I'd get maybe a few hours to myself here or there. Umm... no. Which means I'm going crazy, and in turn driving my family crazy because I get cranky when I don't write. Just sayin'. ;)

So anyway, loving my time with my family.. but looking forward to some me and computer time. On the plus side I've had ample time to plot and tweak certain things, so I think (hope) the story will be better for the hiatus.

Here's the request portion of this entry. Recently I released the 3rd book of my Kingdom Series, Red and Her Wolf. Yay! But... barely any reviews. Which makes it difficult for me to promote the book on certain sites because they require a certain amount of reviews before they agree to host you. So here's my thoughts...

I'm willing to give 5 arcs for free to the first 5 requests, in exchange all I seek are honest reviews. That's it.  And by honest I do mean honest. If you want to rate it a 2 (which would suck, but hey)... do it, a few short thoughts and your star rating. :) I'd appreciate the reviews be posted at Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads if you're able. If anyone is interested, please contact me offlist at .

Happy reading!

EDIT: Slots all full! Thanks guys! :D

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