Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I should be writing!

OMGosh, I've developed a serious case of headbasketitus! Friends told me when I published I'd be refreshing that home page too many times to count, well it's true! Yesterday I pretty much sat in zombie mode in front of my computer and or Iphone and refreshed, refreshed, refreshed...

It's fascinating how the sale of one book can cause your rankings to jump up and down, up and down. Last night I went to bed with a ranking of 107k on amazon, then I wake up this morning and note it's now at 66k... however, I've apprently not sold another book. So, I have no idea what to make of that. Same thing has happened at B&N. I was ranked at 202k last night and now this morning it's hovering around the 111k mark. No books sold. How in the world they determine ranking when you're not selling, not a clue. I guess I'm not selling better than other not sellers. :p

Anyway, I'm thinking the obsession will stop now and finally I can get back to the work of writing book 3 in the series for all my many fans out there. * and friends...cough...cough* :)

Happy reading!

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