Monday, July 23, 2012


Am I getting old? Because I swear when I went to school kids didn't go back until after labor day started. And yet, my boy's first day of fifth grade is Monday. As in Monday July 30th! What??? When did schools start doing this? It's this insidious little conspiracy by the Board of Education (I just know it), it's called 'no fun for summer vacation campaign'. Pretty sure of it, look it up. *wink*

Anyway, we didn't get to do much this year. We didn't even do the beach. :( Which, you know, we're in Hawaii... I mean, the two should go hand in hand. But no, so we're praying to make up for it next year. (Look at me, already looking ahead to the next summer! I'm a weird Mom, I will admit...I love when my kids are home) we've planned Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, Bedrock City (New Mexico and no it's not called that technically, but it's what the locals call it..don't ask me the real name), and Branson, MO. So either this is the craziest plan ever, or one of the best summer vacations ever. Though, I won't be surprised if we wind up pulling a National Lampoon. *head desk*

Either way, I'm looking forward to it! And who knows, if it's funny enough I might even turn it into a book!! *snort* Silver lining any way you look at it, then again... if the Mayans were right, well, a girl can dream, right? *g*

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