Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!

It's been a while, but now things are starting to slow down and I'm finding my groove again. :) So, here's my latest offering. Fire in the Sky, a post-apocolyptic/dystopian/paranromal/urban fantasy/time travel/romance.... umm, yeah, say that ten times really fast! Anyway, if that's not weird enough it's also notta a YA. It has so many elements of it and yet, the situations they find themselves in are sorta not YA acceptable. The 'kids' are also older. In their late teens, early twenties, so I guess this is more of a New Adult, except that's not even a real genre subheading. (I just love to be difficult!) *vbg*

So a tiny set up, one of the heroines of the tale is NOT crazy, she might kill with the sound of her voice, and maybe she has nightmares that foretells the future, but she's totally NOT loco. Unfortunately, no one believes her. Including her parents, she's been locked away in a mental asylum since age 5, and now the monster in her head keeps urging her to break free...

Sable gripped the bars, entranced by the dancing light. Maybe someday she could be as free as that lightning, as wild and untamed.
The nurse snatched the crushed cup out of her hand and twirled her around. "I said--"
"I know what you said," her voice was weak and scratchy.
He yanked on the chain attached to her neck, the one they claimed to only force her to wear for the safety of others; whatever, more like the bastards were mysogonistic, power-hungry freaks that got off on making her squeal in pain...

Happy reading!

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